Black, Soapy and Goofy Dogs: Our Top 3 Dog Photo Projects

Kevin Dixon

Taking pictures of your dog is a no-brainer. Other than kids, dogs are probably our most photographed family members-- sometimes more than kids, depending on the household! And besides our own pet's snapshots, we love seeing that not even professional photographers are immune from dogs as subjects. Check out three of our favorite dog photo series:  

1. Black Dogs Project

Black Dog Project

People who work with animal rescues often describe "Black Dog Syndrome," the tendency for black dogs (and cats, too) to be overlooked by adopters. Whether it's due to ideas about black dogs being ferocious, or, in the case of cats, old superstitions about bag luck, photographer Fred Levy created The Black Dogs Project to counter these stereotypes.

Black Dog Project

He explains the project as "a conversation" about how much more difficult it is for black dogs to get adopted, and the beautiful portraits shows these animals as the lovable animals they truly are.  



2. Wet Dogs

Wet Dogs

Photographer Sophie Gamand uses her work to explore the relationship between humans and their animals. Her latest project, "Wet Dogs," captures the wide (and wild) range of expressions on dogs in the midst of being bathed.

Wet Dogs


Gamand has loftier artistic questions she's exploring through the series, but we can't help but wonder: Is there anything more pathetic (or hilarious) than a wet dog? Images via Collasal  

3. #PeanutButterSeries

Peanut Butter Series

Stephanie McCombie is the owner of a couple of German Shorthair Pointer who loves peanut butter. After feeding the pups their favorite treat last year, she was amused by the crazy faces they made with the sticky stuff in their mouths. She shot a few photos and posted them to Instagram with the hashtag #peanutbutterseries. Soon hundreds of other pet owners joined in in posting their pets' most contorted faces and a social media phenomenon was born.