These Dogs Have Halloween Covered: Funniest Dog Costumes

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Dressing dogs in clothing is a polarizing issue. There are those who have drawers full of clothing for their pup, and those who can't imagine. But when it comes to Halloween, there's one thing most of us can agree on: Dogs in costumes are adorable. Here are a few of our favorite creative and hilarious dog Halloween costumes.


funny dog Halloween costume

The award for the most unexpected costume has to go to "Two Dogs Carrying a Present." We don't know who thinks of these things or why, but we're glad they did. Source.


Frida Kahlo dog costume

Art lovers will appreciate this canine nod to Frida Kahlo. Good luck drawing on that unibrow, though. Source.


martini dog costume

If your dog happens to be in an Elizabethan collar over Halloween doesn't mean they can't dress up. Consider transforming that plastic cone into a dirty martini, like this boozehound. Source.


Dog Halloween costume

 This dog-to-lion transformation proves that sometimes simple can be best. Source.


Not the most terrifying Cerberus we've ever seen, but possibly the cutest. Source.


Captain Jack, or just a run of the mill pirate, we approve of chihuahuas with dreadlocks regardless. 

 Pincushion dog costume Halloween

Seamstresses will recognize this stuff tomato instantly as the classic pincushion. Only this time on four feet with a thimble hat. 


And if you're feeling really mischievous this Halloween, consider copying SpiderDog and scaring the bejeezus out of unsuspecting neighbors like this guy did.

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