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Philanthropy is something near and dear to our heart here at Clawguard. We don't want to just protect your door, we want to protect dogs in need too. It's as simple as that. In the past year Clawguard has partnered with dog adoption groups, a local dog shelter, and a national rescue organization. This month we're proud to partner with an organization that is passionate about helping canines and their humans too.

Clawguard sales support Nawty Dog Big Heart

Nawty Dawg Big Heart is an organization devoted to helping those in need. Sometimes that means covering an expensive vet bill or helping a dog find a forever home. This organization is always happy to step up and help their community. After all, their mission is to create a forum of friendship, laughter, networking and philanthropy. And their spokesdog Ecco D'Oro sure does that, in his many creative appearances and costumes, he shares his warmth and love with all who meet him. We applaud the charitable efforts of Nawty Dawg Big Heart and will be donating a portion of our proceeds to their philanthropic cause. It's simple, for every Clawguard sold in November, we are donating $1 to Nawty Dawg Big Heart.


How our donation can help:

  • $5 can make a HUGE impact on an animal’s life!
  • $25 can make the difference between whether a foster or shelter has enough food to take in another homeless pet.
  • $75 provides a spay/neuter for a cat or a dog.
  • $250 can mean the difference between life and death for an animal.

Our BIG Goal:

If we sell one thousand Clawguard door shields in November, we will donate $1,000 to this wonderful charity.   We can do this! Help us reach our goal, by sharing our mission with your friends.
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Meet Ecco D'Oro, the spokesdog for Nawty Dawg Big Heart Ecco d'Oro

Ecco D'Oro is the spokesdog for Nawty Dawg Big Heart. His name means "Here is Gold" and he truly has a heart of gold. Ecco thrives off of relationships and helping others in needs.  You can often find him counseling friends on his Facebook account, or leaving a pawsitive message to brighten someone's day. He makes multiple donations a month to charitable funds and when he's given all he can give, he calls on his friends to might be able to lend a paw. He is always impressed at how the work of a few can literally touch thousands. If you would like to join Ecco's pack, join him on Facebook and Twitter.  

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