10 Best Gifts for Your Dog

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Last week we featured 10 of our favorite gifts for dog lovers, but we didn't want to leave out the dogs! Like any other member of the family, our pets deserve to get spoiled just a little during the holidays, too. With that in mind, here are our 10 favorite gifts for your furry best friend.

1. Bonbal Toy

Bonbal dog toy

For the dog who can't decide whether she loves her bone or her ball the best, the Bonbal is both! Made from 100% rubber, this convertible toy is sure to keep your pup entertained. From $7 at Pet Fancy.

2. Elevated Feeding Stand

Elevated Dog bowl

With a sleek look and colorful options, this elevated feeding stand will have your dog eating in style. We like that these rigs keep bowls from sliding all over the floor, spilling food and sloshing water, and are more comfortable for larger breeds to feed from. $68 from Modern Mew.

3. DIY Suitcase Pet Bed

DIY suitcase dog bed
For those on the crafty end of the spectrum, this DIY dog bed turns a vintage suitcase (cheap and plentiful at thrift stores) into a cute, shabby chic resting place for your furry pal. With a few hours and a few bucks you've got a one-of-a-kind project! Full instructions on Houzz.

4. Puffer Vest Dog Jacket

Dog puffer vest

If the fanciful hoodie above doesn't suite your fancy, this sportier "puffer coat"-style dog vest just might. We especially love the zipper and piping details. Heck, it looks so snuggly we wondered if they make a human version! $55 from Stay Jacket.

5. Floating Toss Toy

floating dog toy 

The genius of this toy is that it keeps the dog slobber where it belongs-- on the dog's side! This toss toy has separate grips for you and ol' Slobbery Sam. Plus it floats, so it's perfect for fetch in the lake. $12.95 from Dublin Dog.

6. Slow Feeder

Slow feeder for dogs

Got a pup with energy to burn? This "slow feeder" turns mealtime into a challenging game, keeping Fido entertained and full (eventually!). These sorts of challenge games and feeders are a great solution for dogs who get bored and destructive, or excitable puppies. $30 from PetSwag.

7. Treat of the Month Club

Dog treat of the month

Spoil your dog rotten month after the month with a Treat of the Month subscription. We like the one from CahaBones, which features organic, locally-sourced ingredients baked into treats that'll have your pup howling for more. Starting at $26.25 from CahaBones.

8. Tattoo Love Dog Collar

Dog collar 

Everyone looks tougher with a cool tattoo, even your pup! This fun collar features a traditional nylon collar decorated with cute ribbon, and comes in buckle and Martindale styles. Starting at $21 from The Mod Dog.

9. Murphy Bed for Dogs

Murphy bed for dogs

The idea of a hideaway Murphy Bed for dogs is, frankly, long overdue. We love this as a solution for large breeds and homes with multiple dogs. While the Murphy's Dogs Bed isn't yet available for sale, we're excited that they plan to begin a fundraising Kickstarter soon! Via Murphy''s Paws Designs.

10. Clawguard!

 Clawguard with bow

Clawguard is a great way to protect your pups precious paws from broken nails and other injuries caused by excessive door scratching. Not to mention, Clawguard's protection to your door and door frame are a gift to you!  Consider a Clawguard door protector for the dog or dog owner on your list today!

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