Creative Campaigns Help Shelter Dogs Find Forever Homes

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At Clawguard, we're big advocates of "adopt, don't shop." Foster, the inspiration for the very first Clawguard, was adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society in 2000, and we've shared our experiences fostering dogs as well. With so many amazing animals looking for homes, you need only stop by your local animal shelter or rescue to discover a new best friend! That said, shelters continue to be overwhelmed with thousands of homeless pets, and not nearly enough homes to put them all in. With the growth of social media over the last decade, rescue organizations have gotten more creative about showcasing their adoptable animals, resulting in some innovative, hilarious and heartwarming campaigns.

Dog Meets Photobooth Photobooth Dog Portraits Every dog owner knows that it's nearly impossible to capture your pet's personality in just one photo. In an irresistible new campaign to show off the many faces of their adoptable dogs,  The Humane Society of Utah created photobooth-style portraits of their adoptable dogs. The charming images worked wonders-- all the pups featured in the project have now found forever homes.  

Home for Hope While the Ikea showroom is known for it's homey feel, dog lovers know that no house is complete without a dog curled up on the couch next to you. The Singapore-based Home for Hope campaign made use of this idea by creating life size cut-outs of adoptable dogs from local shelters that were displayed throughout an Ikea store. A QR code around the dog's neck let visitors learn more about the real animal, and other pups hoping to find homes.  

Photobombing for Good

Selfies with Shelter Dogs

Who says the rise of the selfie is all bad? One Dallas animal shelter turned the Instagram craze on it's head, photoshopping adoptable dog photobombs into people's Instagram photos in a move they dubbed "muttbombing." Each photo was reposted on DPA's account with a caption written as the dog, encouraging viewers to consider adding a real dog to their life, and their next photo session.  

Swipe Right for (Puppy) Love While it can be tricky to find the perfect human partner online, one NYC animal shelter hopes that Tinder users will take a chance on actual puppy love. Rescue organization Social Tees teamed up with the dating site last year to post profiles of adoptable dogs, and so far more than 1500 matches have been made.  

Every Home Needs a Harvey

Finally, we couldn't resist sharing this video created by British marketing firm Thinkbox. Though the spot was designed to promote TV advertising (just look how effective a commercial "sells" Harvey!), the message about a dog looking for his forever home is still a powerful one. Every shelter is full of Harvey's just waiting to find their forever homes. And while we can't guarantee they'll be able to pick the kids up from school, adopting a dog is sure to improve your life in plenty of other ways!

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