CLAWGUARD announces cat model winner

CLAWGUARD announces cat model winner


Charlotte, NC — CLAWGUARD, a company that makes products to protect homes from pet damage, has finally found the perfect cat model to feature on its new Cat Training Tape, which is scheduled to launch soon.

CLAWGUARD received dozens of submissions from cat owners across the country. Ultimately, Cheeto, a cat from Vancouver, British Columbia, stole the CLAWGUARD team’s heart and won the contest, which ran from Aug. 28 to Sept. 18.

Cheeto is a red tabby cat with quite the personality, which can be seen on his Instagram page run by his owner, Jordan.

Cheeto, an exotic shorthair cat, became part of Jordan’s family toward the beginning of the pandemic, at only four months old. Since then, Jordan has documented their adventures on social media and entered him to be the face of CLAWGUARD’s Cat Training Tape.

Jordan said Cheeto’s favorite hobbies are cuddling, walking outside and going on long car rides. His favorite adventure so far was a trip to Idaho. And he’s a big fan of music by Enya, which puts him to sleep quickly, Jordan said. 

Just like Jordan, many have brought home cats and other pets amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has the potential for pet damage around the house. Jordan said while Cheeto mainly uses his claws on his scratching post, he sometimes stretches and scratches on the couch. The CLAWGUARD Cat Training Tape is a medical-grade, double-sided training tape that is safe for cats and furniture. Using it can prevent unwanted scratch damage or jumping on furniture, which helps preserve healthy, happy relationships between cats and their owners.

“We received many submissions for our contest, but we fell in love with Cheeto, and we know our customers will, too,” CLAWGUARD Founder and CEO Kevin Dixon said. “We are excited to engage with our audience in future contests as we continue to launch more products for cats and other pets.”

CLAWGUARD Cat Training Tape will launch soon with Cheeto’s face on the front of the packaging. To learn more about CLAWGUARD and its other home protection products, click here.


Photo courtesy: Jordan H.