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CLAWGUARD Launches New Cat Training Tape to Growing Portfolio

By :Amber Johnson-Drake 0 comments
CLAWGUARD Launches New Cat Training Tape to Growing Portfolio

CLAWGUARD Launches New Cat Training Tape to Growing Portfolio

Summary: Clawguard helps pet owners develop a stronger relationship with their pets by keeping their pets and homes safe. The latest cat training tape by Clawguard will now protect the owner’s house from clawing, scratching, and unnecessary jumping of the pet cats.

April 5, 2021; USA

Clawguard is an American Company that focuses on manufacturing quality products to secure and preserve the interior and exterior of homeowner’s property. The company manufactures shields and guards for homes to protect them from any pet damage. Pet parents can now purchase Clawguard Cat Training Tape to keep off their cats off from scratching, jumping, and clawing. This double-sided tape barrier is transparent and of top quality. These are the anti-scratch tapes with the dispenser. Owners can use this cat training tape for protecting their couches, furniture, screens, drapes, counters, and more from damage.

According to Kevin, the Founder of Clawguard, “Clawguard Cat Training Tape will help train your cats and avert them from scratching and jumping. This training tape will keep off cats from your furniture or other interior and exterior portions of your house where they tend to scratch the most. The stickiness of the tape will prevent them from the desire of the areas most prone to damage. Our customers need not worry as these cat training tapes are made of medical-grade material with no sticky layers. The built-in dispenser helps with seamless application and storage. Apply the tape of the required length and peel along its white lining to place it where needed. This tape is the safest and fastest way for protecting every type of interior.”

The Clawguard Cat Training Tape’s can stick to any surface including wood, doors, drapes, mattresses, desk, corners, counters, screen doors, and more. The medical adhesive used in this training tape is non-toxic and developed while keeping pet safety under consideration. This low-tact medical adhesive should not irritate the cat’s paws, and is also able to be removed from where it is placed effectively when desired. The tape is clear and matches with any décor to keep the owner’s interiors beautiful and clean.

“We have developed this cat training tape keeping in mind not only cats but the environment as well. Moreover, it is made in the USA to support American businesses and workers especially through these difficult times post-COVID. Our products pass through QA testing and quality manufacturing to guarantee the reliability and stability of these tape rolls. We sell waterproof and clear ‘Cat Training Tape’ to safeguard your furniture, and offer a money-back guarantee on our product. This tape measure 3 inches x 30 yds to ensure proper coverage to your home material,” he added.

Moreover, this Cat Training Tape is an excellent fit for home DIY projects, which need the application of double-sided tapes. However, it is advisable to use this tape with caution on antique, ripped, frayed, compromised, or weathered leather. 

About the Company

Clawguard is a USA-based pet organization that manufactures high-quality products to preserve and protect the interior and exterior of homes from pet scratching or clawing. Professional dog trainers and cat behaviorists recommend the company, and Clawguard is a member of the American Pet Products Association. For details, reach out to Clawguard at

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