Clawguard Supports Dogs Deserve Better

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One of our favorite pet charities, Dogs Deserve Better is dedicated to freeing chained dogs and bringing our best friends back where they belong: into the home and family. DDB's mission is to free dogs through education, rescue and rehab, grassroots legislation, and fencing programs.


Many dogs are chained up for long period of time, and as a result they live without respect, love, exercise, social interaction, and sometimes even basic nourishment. They live as prisoners, yet long to be pets.

Every dog who learns to stop scratching the door, is one more dog who is less likely to be crated or chained. 

At Clawguard we know it's not easy to find solutions when a dog shows signs of separation anxiety. Many dog owners crate their dogs and may tie them up as a last resort. Our door shield was created to help owners train their dogs to stop scratching the door. It's a tool that has helped many dog owners in their efforts to train the dog - sometimes one door shield can be the difference between a dog who listens and a dog who doesn't. 

Throughout the month of May, Clawguard will donate one dollar from each sale to Dogs Deserve Better. Buy your Clawguard before May 31 to participate in this fundraiser and help free chained dogs across the country!

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