Enjoy A Stress-Free New Year’s Eve: Fireworks Dog Survival Tips

Enjoy A Stress-Free New Year’s Eve: Fireworks Dog Survival Tips

Robbi Hess

New Year’s Eve has become as popular for fireworks as the Fourth of July. Pet parents know how stressed their dogs get on the Fourth of July and now they have to contend with stressed, anxiety-ridden dogs and cats on New Year’s Eve.

If you’re a pet parent who has a dog or cat who gets anxious because of loud noises and because of fireworks, you’re not alone. Resorting to medications and crating is not an option for all pet parents, and in fact, crating an anxious dog who is not accustomed to being in a crate can lead to higher anxiety and no pet parent wants that!

We have tips for enjoying a stress-free New Year’s Eve with your dogs and cats and have some fireworks dog and cat survival advice and tips.

  1. Create a calm environment. If you’re going to be home during the fireworks, find a dim, quiet space in which to sit with your dog. If it’s too quiet and you can hear the sounds of the fireworks, turn on some background noise like the radio or television to block out the outdoor sounds.
  2. Distract your dog or cat. Grab your pet’s favorite toy and play with him to distract him from the booms and pop sounds from the fireworks. Give her a toy she’s never seen before. Fill a Kong with a favorite treat, freeze it and let her work at getting the treat out.
  3. Offer up a safe space. If your dog likes his crate and knows it’s his safe space, make sure he can get in it. Give him a treat he doesn’t normally receive and make sure his bed is all comfy and warm. If your dog isn’t crate trained, make another safe space in the house where he can lie down and get away from the outdoor fireworks sounds. Chances are, your dog and cat already has a favorite space in the house to “get away from it all” and he will naturally go there when he’s nervous.
  4. Talk with your veterinarian. If your pet’s anxiety is affecting her health, talk with your veterinarian and ask if there are medications or non-medication methods you can employ to help your pet relax during the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Your vet may recommend medication or herbal remedies, calming collars or even a Thundershirt-type garment to calm your anxious pet.
  5. Stay home, if possible. Many adults get together on New Year’s Eve and party the night away, waiting for the ball to drop. If you know the area in which you live will be having fireworks displays to ring in the new year, you may want to stay home with your pet -- it is entirely a personal decision because you know your pet best.  Host the party at your home so your pets aren’t home alone; invite your guests to bring their pets so they aren’t home alone, either.

Many times dogs and cats will scratch when they are anxious -- it’s the way in which they address and relieve stress. If your cat and dog have a tendency to do that, protect your home and stop the damage by hanging a CLAWGUARD door shield or protecting your furniture from cat claws with CLAWGUARD furniture shields. Don’t let fireworks and anxious dogs and cats lead to home damage!

Anytime there are fireworks, there is a chance for a dog or cat to bolt out the door and there is the potential for him to get lost. Keep your dog and cat away from open doors and open windows. Make certain they are wearing collars and identification tags and/or are microchipped.

Here’s to a happy and prosperous New Year from the CLAWGUARD Family to yours!

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