5 Healthy Frozen Dog Treats to Make This Summer

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With summer days right around the corner, keeping our pets cool and content is on every dog owner's mind. While shade and water are the most important to avoiding heat stroke and other heat-related problems, a frozen treat on a hot day can go a long way to helping pets stay cool. Not to mention showing them what a good boy they are!

We put together five of our favorite DIY dog treat recipes that combine healthy ingredients to make perfect frozen snacks for your hot dog.



DIY frozen dog treat with chewies inside

This ingenious frozen treat combines your dogs favorite chewies in a giant ice cube made from chicken stock. Fido will have a great time getting to the surprise center of this super easy summer snack. 



frozen yogurt dog treats

With just five ingredients, these frozen yogurt bites will go a long way toward keeping your pup happy and healthy. Just look at the dog waiting to gobble one up--pups love frozen yogurt!




Another super simple recipe, these yummy treats combine coconut oil and peanut butter for a scrumptious snack. It turns out coconut oil is great for dogs, too-- this superfood can improve their skin and coat and even help with itchiness caused by eczema and allergies. 



frozen watermelon dog treats

Nothing tastes better on a hot day that a cool slice of watermelon, so what could be better for your pampered pup than a frozen watermelon dog treat! Made with just two ingredients, these snacks look even cuter frozen into bone shaped molds.



Pumpkin frozen dog treats

Did you know that pumpkin is a superfood, packed with nutrients and great for digestive issues? Harness the power of pumpkin to treat your favorite pup! This super simple recipe makes for a healthy snack that'll have your dog coming back for more!


Do you have a DIY dog treat recipe that drives your pooch wild? We'd love to hear about it!


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