How To Decorate Your Home The DIY Way

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Chances are when you turn on the television or pick up a magazine you are seeing ads and articles for do-it-yourself projects. You may look at those and think, “Wow, I am certainly crafty enough to try that” or you may think, “Hhmmm wonder if I can pick that up from the store and decorate my home with it?” No matter what kind of DIY'er you are, there are many things you can to do decorate your home in a quick and easy fashion that will give it your own personal flair.

Since we’re into the holiday season, we will share both holiday and non-holiday ideas here.

  1. Throw pillows and blankets on the furniture add a quick touch of cozy and whimsy to your living spaces. You can easily swap out holiday themed throw pillows and blankets for others that match the season -- cool, light colors for summer; deep, rich colors and designs for autumn and either holiday or winter and snow-themed accessories for the cooler months of the year.
  2. Get your craft on. Wander the aisles of your local craft store and you will likely be inspired to try some of the crafts they display. Your local craft store has knowledgeable staff who can tell you whether the project you’re looking at is for a beginner or an intermediate DIYer. You can pick up all of the items necessary for the project, take it home and dive right in. If you have children or other “crafty” family members or friends, why not make a day of it and make craft items that will add to the decor of the season.
  3. Take to the Internet and look on Pinterest for decorating ideas. From glitter-covered pine cones sprinkled with essential oils of your choice to handmade tree garland to crocheted or knitted or even hand-sewn decorations you can easily swap out a few items in your home and viola you change your decor from season to season!

At CLAWGUARD we know that if you’re taking the time to decorate your home and enhance its beauty you don’t want to have your dog or cat “redecorate” by scratching or clawing at the doors or window sills. We developed CLAWGUARD Products to blend seamlessly into your decor and to not detract from any of the unique DIY decorating projects you’re trying your hand at his season.

If you’re looking to add a little pizzazz to your door, though, we have developed two new colors of CLAWGUARD Door Shields for your doors -- blueberry and grape! Remember, too that CLAWGUARD Door Shields and Protection Tape are completely customizable and that means you can paint them, put on stickers or otherwise put your unique decorating stamp on them to make CLAWGUARD Products part of the decoration while it protects your property!

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