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How to Keep Cats off of Furniture

By :Kelsey Ruocco 0 comments
How to Keep Cats off of Furniture

Cat lovers enjoy snuggling with their furry family members, but there are many who would prefer they stay off the furniture. Even though we want them to stay off the furniture, it sometimes doesn't seem to be a very realistic goal. Fortunately, there are ways to get there, but it will be a process to train your cat to stay off.

Can You Train a Cat?

When a new behavior is introduced as early as possible, it has a far greater chance of being successful. A kitten is more likely to be accepting of the rules, but regardless of the age of your cat, you should establish the rules and strictly adhere to them. Inconsistency will lead to misunderstanding. 

If you have a new kitten that you don't want on your furniture, don't bring them up onto the furniture with you. If you do bring them up on the bed or couch with you, especially on a regular basis, they are more likely to jump up for a snuggle.

Of course, cats aren't exactly trained like dogs, but you can work to train your cat over a period of time. Every time your cat climbs up on your furniture, gently place them back on the floor to avoid injury. When they’re on the floor, praise them and give them a reward. Regardless of how long it takes, resist the temptation to give in. This could be a long process, and remember, consistency is key.

Use Cat Training Tape for Your Furniture

Since cats are a bit rebellious, and some may not take well to training, you should grab some training tape to aid in the process. Even if your cat does well with training, you will still want to protect your furniture in the process. CLAWGUARD’s Cat Training and Repellant Tape is a clear, double-sided adhesive film that deters cats from jumping up on furniture. All you have to do is install the training tape to the desired area to create a protected barrier.

Cats don't like the feel of the tape and will soon learn to stay off of that particular piece of furniture. They will connect that piece of furniture with discomfort and look for something else to climb upon.

But remember, don’t use just any double sided tape. CLAWGUARD products are engineered to be pet friendly. To grab your cat training tape and prevent your cat from getting on the furniture, click here.

Written by Amber Drake

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