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Our favorite Instagram accounts for pet parents

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Our favorite Instagram accounts for pet parents

We're looking at our phones more than ever in 2020, whether we're bored or obsessively keeping up with the news. While it's important to stay informed, it's equally important to make sure your social media feed is also filled with lighthearted content. Every month, we highlight our favorite Instagram accounts for pet parents in our e-newsletter. Here are some of our favorites as we head into November.

For dog lovers:

  • We Don't Deserve Dogs: Hilarious dog content produced by vets who speak to comedian and celebrity dog-owners on their podcast
  • Thoughts of Dog: Funny memes and tweets told from the perspective of a dog

For cat lovers:

  • Nathan Kehn: Funny cat videos produced by actor Nathan Kehn, who lives with four cats
  • The Purrrcast: Podcast for cat owners and cat lovers

For all pet lovers:


What are your favorite accounts to follow? Email us and let us know!

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