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Separation Anxiety & Returning to the Office

By :Emily Cook Posted Sep 21, 2021
Separation Anxiety & Returning to the Office

The world has been home for months and now we're transitioning back to the office and school. Our world is opening back up.

Except...what about our pets?

We all suddenly invaded their alone time at home and changed their daily routines for more than 18 months. They became used to our constant companionship, lunch-break walks, even extra couch snuggles during slow days.

As we create another upheaval in their world by putting our daily routines back right, it's understandable that even the coolest and most collected pets will experience some separation anxiety.  

Separation anxiety in our pets is triggered when they become upset due to a sudden change that involves a physical separation from their companions. One of the most common complaints associated with separation anxiety is destructive behavior to the home when left alone and is actually a symptom of distress. 

CLAWGUARD can help.

Getting a handle on your pet's anxiety can be tough but our CLAWGUARD products offer you a chance to protect the work you've put into decorating your home while you work through the issues. CLAWGUARD's safe solutions allow your to install protective shields, without hardware that protect your pets paws. Most importantly, our shields, protection tape and window sill covers prevent your pet from cutting or getting splinters in their paws or cutting their gums while chewing on the edges of windows and door frames. 

Our Universal Scratch Shields protect the areas most prone to destruction, including doors, door frames, window sills, and walls. They can be installed virtually anywhere: screen doors, glass, and more. Our Heavy Duty Door Shields, with 3M adhesive stickers, allow you to protect any door, any where with no damaging screws or nails. Our window sill covers adjust to fit any standard window sill.

How To Help Our Pets Adjust

Remember, change is scary for our pets and they are looking to us for guidance on how to relieve their stress. Our friends at the ASPCA have some tips on how to make your pets feel more at ease.

  • Rule out any medical concerns.
    • Has your pet started a new medication? Have they recently been diagnosed with a condition by their veterinarian? Major changes like these can affect your pet's behavior. Make sure to talk with your veterinarian to determine the best course of action to help your pet.
  • Help them develop a positive relationship with your new routine.
    • Help prep your pets before you head back to the office by simulating short periods away from home. Reward your pet by providing them with their favorite treat or a frozen peanut butter KONG as you leave. Keep repeating this process and extend your time away. Soon, your pet will associate you leaving with the good things that you've given to them.
    • KEY TIP: Remove these high-value treats/toys when you return home so that your pet only has access to them while you're away.
  • Go slow.
    • Simulate leaving home and keep your trips short at first. Gradually increase the time away before heading out for a full day.
    • Keep the same routine before leaving the house - pets pick up on our cues.
    • If you're able, come home for lunch or short walks during the day or hire a dog walker. 
  • Seek out the help of a professional.
    • For moderate to severe separation anxiety or if you're pet isn't adjusting after several weeks, seek out the help of your veterinarian or a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB) for help. 
    • Your veterinarian might be able to prescribe medication that reduces anxiety.

Be sure to follow us @CLAWGUARD on Instagram for more tips and tricks. 

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