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Setting Pet Resolutions For 2018

By :CLAWGUARD Products 0 comments
Setting Pet Resolutions For 2018

The start of the new year is a time when many people declare their resolutions for the brand new year. It’s a time to clear out the old and make way for the new -- whether resolutions for new habits or thoughts on breaking bad habits.

At CLAWGUARD we sat down with the team and came up with a list of ten pet and pet parent resolutions for 2018.

  1. Bark less. We resolve to “bark less” by which we mean we will look for the positive rather than the negative and remark upon that.
  2. Wag more. We resolve to be happier and to celebrate the wins -- no matter how small.
  3. Stretch it out. We are going to get up from our desks more often, take the dogs for walks and generally move and stretch more than we did in 2017.
  4. Give in to relaxation. When we take a nap or go to bed at night we are going to embrace the power of relaxation -- just as our dogs do.
  5. Be enthusiastic. Have you ever noticed how everything your dog does or experiences is THE best thing ever? Whether it’s his breakfast or dinner or a walk or a great smell in the yard, everything is cause for enthusiasm and wonder.
  6. Be a joiner. If you’ve brought home a new puppy or new-to-you adopted dog, sign him up for a training class. A well-trained dog is a dog who is most likely to be happier and healthier and be a better family member. A basic obedience class is ideal for any, and every dog.
  7. Be healthier. Eat fewer processed foods -- this is an ideal resolution for your pets and for pet parents. Eat more fruits and veggies; there are many fruits and vegetables that are great for your pets to enjoy and if you treat when you train, fruits and veggies will keep your dog happier and healthier.  
  8. Spend more time together. You may have to work outside of the home -- many of us do, but resolve to spend more quality time with your dog(s) when you’re home. Take a walk before, or after, dinner. Spend quality couch cuddling time. You are the center of your dog’s universe and what she wants most is to just be with you.
  9. Hit the road. When you take your next vacation, take your dog with you. Check out pet-friendly cities, hotels, restaurants and other pet-friendly venues you can enjoy with your furry family member. If you’re staying in a hotel and have to leave your dog for any amount of time, pack your CLAWGUARD; this will prevent him from damaging the hotel doors and you from losing your pet deposit!
  10. Try something new. Did you know that if your dog has too many toys she will probably get bored with them. Try this. Pack away many of the toys and occasionally swap out one toy for another; your dog will think she’s just been given a brand new toy to play with. Dogs get bored so shake up their routine and give them something to wag about!

What resolution would your pet want you to make or what resolution(s) have you made? We’d love to know!

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