CLAWGUARD Launches New Cat Training Tape to Growing Portfolio

Amber Johnson-Drake
Clawguard helps pet owners develop a stronger relationship with their pets by keeping their pets and homes safe. The latest cat training tape by Clawguard will now protect the owner’s house from clawing, scratching, and unnecessary jumping of the pet cats.

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Protect Your Home Or Apartment: Top Uses For CLAWGUARD’s Ultimate Pet Scratch Products

As pet parents we know our pets don’t cause damage to our homes out of spite. They get bored. They get excited and they damage property. As a pet parent it’s up to us to train away “bad” behaviors through positive reinforcement, but it can’t hurt to use CLAWGUARD Door Shields or CLAWGUARD Protective Tape as a way to further protect the investment in our homes or in the security deposit we paid on our apartment.

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Protect Your Apartment: Save Your Pet Security Deposit

The Clawguard

When you’re looking for an apartment, you may find it’s not easy to find one that will accept you and your beloved fur-kids. The reason for this is the landlord has been burned in the past by tenants with ill-behaved dogs. You may also find an ideal apartment, but find the pet security deposit and additional rent you have to pay because you have pets puts the apartment financially out of reach.

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