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It’s Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Posted by Robbi Hess on

September has been designated Responsible Dog Ownership Month by the American Kennel Club. What does being a responsible dog owner mean to you, as a pet parent? We’ll bet that it means different things to different pet parents. Being a responsible dog owner is more than a month-long designation -- as all pet parents know -- it’s a lifetime commitment to the dog with whom you’re sharing your life.

What does responsible dog ownership mean to you?

When we think of it, here’s what comes to mind:

  1. Feeding them properly
  2. Making certain they get exercise so they stay healthy
  3. Taking them to the veterinarian when they’re ill and for an annual visit
  4. Socializing them with other dogs and humans
  5. Caring for their pet separation anxiety if it is something they suffer. Not all dogs do, but if yours does, you want to address that

Pet separation anxiety is real. It has only recently been recognized as a real disorder that our dogs can face when left home alone. Pet separation anxiety can make a pet parent feel guilty, but what can you do? You can’t quit your job, right?

There are a few steps you can take to help ease your dog’s separation anxiety and if you haven’t already tried these steps, we urge you to do so during Responsible Dog Ownership Month. Remember, your dogs can’t talk or tell you what’s wrong. They can’t explain that the reason they’ve chewed your shoes, or scratched the door, chewed the windowsill or barked until it’s driven the neighbors crazy. It’s up to you to uncover the reason for your dog’s anxiety when you’re away from home and help ease it.

Tire him out. There’s nothing better than a tired dog when you have to leave him home alone for the day. Get up an hour earlier and take him for a long walk or play a long game of fetch. You’ll get in good shape and so will your dog!

Turn on the television. DOGTV offers scientifically proven programming to help relax your dog when you can’t be home.

Food puzzle toys. What more could your dog ask for? Something to keep his brain engaged (so he isn’t worrying about being home alone and chewing your shoes because of it) and to fill his belly. There are many varieties of food puzzle toys available and at varying degrees of difficulty.

Protect your home. You may need to accept the fact that your dog is going to scratch and he’s going to chew. Sometimes, no matter if you try to keep him entertained or even if you have a dog walker come over and take him out during the day, he just might still chew and scratch. Because we loved our first rescue, Foster, and we couldn’t break him of destroying our doors, we invented CLAWGUARD. Surrendering Foster was not an option, but he thwarted our attempts to keep him calm while we were away. We knew we needed a solution and we invented one. If your dog chews and claws and scratches, simply use our DIY pet hardware CLAWGUARD shield to protect your home and your door. We like to think that our invention will keep other dogs (and cats) from being surrendered because CLAWGUARD products protect the home from damage.

We’d love for you to #showusyourdoor (use the hashtag) and let us see the damage! We know that if you invest in a CLAWGUARD the next door you show us will be one with no damage!

CLAWGUARD builds shields that help protect homes from damage caused by dogs and cats. Products include door shields, couch guards, and universal protective tape that protects commonly scratched areas like window sills, furniture, banisters, weatherstripping and more.  Check us out on Amazon and read our many FIVE STAR reviews!

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Pet Loss Prevention: Ways to Make Sure Your Home Is "Escape Proof"

Posted by Beke Lubeach on

No one should live through the fear and suffering if his or her dog goes missing. Whether your dog escapes through an open door, bolts through a screen window, gets out of a fenced-in yard or gets stolen, pet parents need to do all that they can to make their home escape proof and keep their beloved dogs and cats safe.

As July is Pet Loss Prevention Month, an awareness campaign spearheaded by PetHub, we want to provide you with tips to keep your dog and cat safe, make your home escape proof and how to find a lost pet.

Tips to keep your dogs and cats safe and make your home escape proof:

  1. Microchip your dog or cat.
  2. Collar your pets and make certain their collars feature a tag with your contact information on it.
  3. Teach them to stay away from open doors. This training needs to start when the pet is young so prevent their bolting out an open door.
  4. If your dog is in a fenced-in yard, inspect it regularly for any areas from which your dog could get loose.
  5. Close windows when you leave your dog or cat home alone so they don’t fall out or jump out a screened window to get to something that catches their attention out the window.
  6. Turn on the television or radio or tune to DOGTV to entertain your dog when you’re away. This is especially helpful if your dog gets anxious or nervous when left home alone.
  7. Give them food puzzle or other toys to play with to keep them busy while you’re gone.
  8. Take a long walk before you leave. Tiring them out may make them sleep the day away and make them less likely to be scratching to get out while you’re gone. Play with your cats to tire them out, too.
  9. If you’re having a party, put your pets in their crates or put them in a room where they can’t escape when guests are in and out of the house. Not everyone will pay as much attention to your dogs and cats as you will and they may not know your pets are not allowed out-of-doors.

How to find a pet who has escaped or has been taken:

  1. Call local shelters and animal control agencies to let them know your dog or cat is missing
  2. Put up fliers in your neighborhood
  3. Put notices on Facebook and ask your friends and family to share
  4. Put a notice in the local newspaper
  5. Go searching where you last saw your dog or cat. Search in the early morning or early evening hours when it’s quiet and your pet might not be as afraid
  6. If your cat is missing, leave his litter box outside the door -- they can smell it and it may lure them home
  7. Call local veterinarian’s offices and report your dog missing

Protect your pet. Keep him safe from harm by applying these tips and by doing all you can to bring him back home if he manages to get out of your house or yard.

CLAWGUARD builds shields that protect homes from damage caused by dogs and cats. Products include door shields, couch guards, and universal protective tapes that protect commonly scratched areas like window sills, furniture, banisters, weatherstripping and more. Our products relieve pet owner anxiety! Look for us in the pet hardware section of your local retail store.

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