How To Recognize Signs Of Dog Anxiety

Robbi Hess35 comments

Not again! You’ve come home from a day at work or a few hours of running errands and your dog has dumped the trash can, gnawed on the windowsill and is clawing the door again. Why!? 

Take a deep breath. We know it’s not easy to realize that our dogs don’t destroy the house because they’re being bad. Dogs destroy the house because they are anxious and that anxiety manifests itself in destructive behaviors. 

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How Do I Stop My Dog From Scratching The Door?

Robbi Hess54 comments
A dog who “communicates” by scratching at the door needs to be given other communication methods that don’t involve him damaging the home. Damaging the home is one of the issues when your dog is scratching, but your dog could also hurt himself when he’s scratching. He could crack his nails or get splinters of the scratched wood in his paw pads. If he has scratched enough of the door he may also be able to gnaw on the wood and if he swallows it, he could damage his intestines.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Damage?

Robbi Hess
If you’re not sure your insurance policy covers dog damage, talk with your insurance agent. Your insurance agent can answer your questions and let you know what your policy covers to prevent any surprises if there is dog damage to your home or personal property.

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