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Win a Special Pet Portrait

Posted by Kevin Dixon on

Today we have a special story to share... and a giveaway! 

But first, a special story

Meet Kayla

Kayla has a heart for animals and an artistic flair - so naturally when she started painting, she painted pets.

In 2016 she started her official artist page & accepted commissions from many pet owners across the United States. Folks loved her colorful watercolors. She captured dogs, cats, big and small, and painted watercolor paintings so full of life & personality - everyone loved them!

adorable frenchie dog portraits

Kayla's life is full of animal love, particularly for bully breed dogs, of which she has three.

Meet Diggy

At the same time, not far away in Waterford Michigan, an American bulldog was getting a lot of attention. Diggy the smiling dog was adopted, after over 100 days in the shelter, he had found a perfect companion, and they both were full of smiles.

Diggy the waterford dog


After his photo went viral, Diggy was soon the center of a serious legal battle between Waterford Township police and Diggy's new family. The battle was over a law that banned "pit bulls" from the township.

You see, the police "decided that Diggy was a pit bull" and wasn't allowed. But Diggy is an American Bulldog, and his owners did everything they could to fight the unfair & unjustified new labeling of their dog.

"Waterford, Mich., is a township where certain dog breeds are outlawed, under a type of ordinance known as breed-specific legislation, or BSL.” - Washington Post

The world paid attention, petitions were signed by thousands of supporters, and the lawyers fought hard all summer to help Diggy stay home.

Around this time, Kayla was inspired to paint that smily dog Diggy and turn his portrait into something joyful, full of color and life, like Diggy himself.

diggy dog portrait artist

Not bad, huh?


In September, the court case was dropped. Diggy will get to stay home, where he's happy and free. Hurray!

"Diggy The Dog Will Stay With His Family" - People.com

Kayla, didn't know Diggy's owners personally, but she wanted to gift them the portrait, so she shouted out to her friends on Social Media to see if anyone knew Diggy's owners. And sure enough, someone did!

Cue the happy reunion:

diggy dog home celebration

We're so happy this story has a happy ending!

Kayla's portrait business has continued to grow, thanks in part to the attention her Diggy portrait received. She's being recognized for her talent by new fans everyday, and enjoying drawing countless pets. Dogs, cats, etc. Her watercolor paintings are large - 11x14 or 16x20. Perfect for a nice large frame.


We are inspired to pay it forward to someone else who has a pet who makes them smile, laugh, and even occasionally take funny selfies together.

To enter,  follow the instructions below

a Rafflecopter giveaway


...then leave us a comment on the blog and tell us what's your pet's best feature: Gorgeous eyes? A goofy smile? Maybe a funny ear that sticks up? Every pet is pretty special <3


Note: Giveaway open to US residents only. Prize is an 11x14 or 16x20 original watercolor print. Apply by April 4th, 2017. Winners chosen at random from the pool of entries. See rules and how to enter above. Have additional questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to pr@clawguard.com

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Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Dog Pad

Posted by Kevin Dixon on

We know that dogs can really take over a house. They sure leave their mark, from chewed shoes, to furry furniture and scratched up doors... 

But what if we made the house suit the dog?

If you let Fluffy call the shots and design a dream doggie home... we bet a few of these clever products would show up in your house. 

Wasted Space? Make it the Dog's Space

A low ceiling or a tiny room are often overlooked by homeowners - but it's exactly the space that your dog would love to have. Make it special with a dog bed and custom gate.

dog bed under stairs diy

Doggie Peephole

What's on the other side of the fence? Every dog wants to know. PetPeek Fence Window is a bubbled plastic window that lets your dog see through walls. Genius!

Dog Fence Peephole

Stylish Pet Gates

Because baby gates are for babies! Any dog with an eye for design will prefer a stylish built-in gate from this list of great looking dog gates. If you're building a custom home, this is an absolute must-have feature.

Retractable dog gates

A Cool Video Monitor

When you're gone, chances are the dog realllly wants to see you. Some dog owners have found a cleverl solution: install a PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone.

Talk to you dog via live video and give treats to reward a good dog.

Dog Video

Never Forget To Feed Me

Make sure the dog gets his food on time with a PetNet Feeder, a dog bowl connected to an app on your phone. Easy peasy. Now that's a dog-approved app, if we've ever seen one!

don't forget to feed the dog - use a dog bowl feeding app


Your Dog's Own Pet Robot

Forget the lifeless chew toys, your dog wants a pet of his or her own. This robot will never get tired of running around the backyard (even if the human does). Remote-Controlled Dog Pal

Remote-control dog toy

A Smart Doggie Door

With the Smart Pet Door, your pet is the only one with the "keys to the house." A special device on your pet's collar automatically unlocks the door when he's in range, and locks it again afterwards, keeping your home safe from any uninvited guests.

This door is VIP only.

Smart Dog Door

Upgrade To Built-In Dog Bowls

With the Designer Pet Eatery, the dog's bowls are transformed into a sleek, wall-mounted unit. They can be placed at the perfect height for your dog-- up high for big dogs, and down low for toy breeds. Now that's a custom feature we definitely want in our next house.

Designer Wall-mount Dog Feeder

Dogs In The Pool

Lazy summer day? With the Dog Pool Float, your dog can now float leisurely in the pool, right beside the human doing the same. It'll keep your dog happy and cool all summer long, and comes in three sizes.

Frozen doggie popsicles anyone?

 Dog Pool Raft

The Coolest Dog in the Trailer Park

Does Fido have a vintage obsession? Then your dog will want to spend vacations in the Straight Line Design's Dog RV. Our second favorite is the silver Airstream-style pet camper.

Dog RV


Tell us... Which pet friendly feature will you be adding to your home?

Do you know of a new pet product that you can't live without? Share it in the comments!

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We Support Dogs Deserve Better

Posted by Kevin Dixon on

Dogs Deserve Better is dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our best friend into the home and family. DDB's mission is to free dogs through education, rescue and rehabilition, grassroots legislation, and fencing programs.


no more chains - dogs deserve better charity

Every dog who learns to stop scratching the door, is one more dog who is less likely to be crated or chained. 

Many dogs are chained up for long period of time, and as a result they exist without respect, love, exercise, social interaction, and sometimes even basic nourishment. They live as prisoners, yet long to be pets.

At Clawguard we know it's not easy to find solutions when a dog shows signs of separation anxiety. Many dog owners crate their dogs or tie them up as a last resort. But we created a door shield to help owners train their dogs to stop scratching the door. It's a tool that has helped many dog owners in their efforts to train the dog - sometimes one door shield can be the difference between a dog who listens and a dog who doesn't. 


A gift for Dogs, A gift for You

For the dogs: This month we're going to donate a dollar for each sale of the Clawguard to Dogs Deserve better. Buy your Clawguard before May 15th to participate in this fundraiser.

For you: We have a special discount for Dogs Deserve Better fans. Enter coupon YESDDB at checkout for free shipping!

This offer is valid between May 1 and May 15th and is applicable to purchases on our website Clawguard.com. How many Clawguards will you order? One for home and one for travel? Or one for the front door, back door and basement door too? 

Discount code YESDDB good at Clawguard.com until May 15th.

Free Shipping discount valid for U.S. orders only.

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Top 10 Gifts for Dog Lovers

Posted by Kevin Dixon on

For many of us, this is the season for gift giving, and the Clawguard team has rounded up our top 10 picks to surprise the dog lover on your list. From funny to sweet, poignant to goofy, these gifts are sure to be a hit this December, or anytime throughout the year.


1. Mutt Blueprint

Dog Blueprint Gift

We have a soft spot when it comes to mutts, and this customizable mutt blueprint is a great way to give a favorite mixed breed the spotlight they deserve. A perfect gift for the mutt-lover you love. $185 from Uncommon Goods.


2. Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook

For the dog lover who is also a budding chef, this cookbook is just the thing. Full of recipes no canine can resist, they're "human tested and animal approved." $18.95 at Bubba Rose.


3. Dogs of the Year Calendar

Labs, dalmations, beagles and more-- This calendar covers nearly all the bases for whatever dog enthusiast you're buying for. Plus, as a hand-pulled screenprint it is truly a work of art. $39 from Charlotte Farmer.


4.Underwater Dogs Book

Underwater Dogs Book

We featured photographer Seth Casteel's work here on the Clawguard blog a few months back. Anyone who loves dogs will appreciate this entertaining peek into the determination that goes into a chase. $16.59 from Better World Books.


5. Humunga Stache Toy

This "Humunga Stache" adds a little class to any game of fetch. The secret is the rubber ball that Fido can't help but chase, and everybody else can't help but chuckle about.  $14.99 at Muttropolis.


6. Custom Pet Painting

These custom pet portrait paintings are lovingly observed and come in sizes from small to large to fit just about any budget. $79-$300 from Adriana Willsie.  


7. Dog Breed Pillow Whether you've got a bulldog buddy, greyhound gal or pug person to buy for, these breed-specific throw pillows are nearly as cute and cuddly as the real thing. $36-$60 from Perpetually Yours Pets.


8. Dog Tea Towels

Dog Tea Towels

 If you have to clean up after Fido's licking, dripping, drooling messes, at least it can be a bit more fun with this set of three modern illustrated tea towels. $45 from Gingiber. 


9. Dog Mask

For tiny dog lovers, this fabric mask is the great addition to imaginative play, and tails are available, too! $18 from Opposite of Far. 


10. Clawguard!

Clawguard Door Scratch Shield

If reducing the stress on your doors, and your holiday host's doors, sounds like a Christmas miracle to you, we think a Clawguard would be a perfect addition to your shopping list. It allows you to travel worry free, in hotels and at your parent's place, too. No more embarrassing situations or permanent damage from door scratching! Consider a Clawguard door protector for the dog or dog owner on your list today!

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Clawguard Blog


We love dogs, first and foremost. And we know that each dog has a unique story. Our Blog is a place to share those stories. 

Has your dog experienced separation anxiety? Have you used a Clawguard as a training tool to help you dog stop scratching a door? Used a Clawguard in a clever new way? We'd love to hear about it.

Send us your story and your dog could be featured in our next blog post.

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