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Helping Animals in Need in Nevada

Posted by Kevin Dixon on

This month, Clawguard is proud to give back to Animal Foundation, a wonderful non-profit rescue organization in Nevada. 

animal foundation of nevada

Every year the Animal Foundation rescues over 30,000 animals and helps them find new homes. 30,000! Now that's an organization making a difference in the lives of many of our best friends, and their humans too.

Do you live in Las Vegas? Adopt don't shop. The dogs pictured below are just a few of the many dogs adoptable at the Nevada shelter. Find a pet to adopt here.


BIG NEWS: For each Clawguard sold in October, we're donating a portion of the proceeds to the Animal Foundation.

It's part of Clawguard's ongoing mission to give back to dogs in need. See all of the rescues we have partnered with over the years.

Buy a Clawguard this month!

Do you know a friend whose dog is a door scratcher?

Send them a Clawguard before October 31st, and help us support the Animal Foundation with a big donation.

dog scratching doorknob

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We Support Dogs Deserve Better

Posted by Kevin Dixon on

Dogs Deserve Better is dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our best friend into the home and family. DDB's mission is to free dogs through education, rescue and rehabilition, grassroots legislation, and fencing programs.


no more chains - dogs deserve better charity

Every dog who learns to stop scratching the door, is one more dog who is less likely to be crated or chained. 

Many dogs are chained up for long period of time, and as a result they exist without respect, love, exercise, social interaction, and sometimes even basic nourishment. They live as prisoners, yet long to be pets.

At Clawguard we know it's not easy to find solutions when a dog shows signs of separation anxiety. Many dog owners crate their dogs or tie them up as a last resort. But we created a door shield to help owners train their dogs to stop scratching the door. It's a tool that has helped many dog owners in their efforts to train the dog - sometimes one door shield can be the difference between a dog who listens and a dog who doesn't. 


A gift for Dogs, A gift for You

For the dogs: This month we're going to donate a dollar for each sale of the Clawguard to Dogs Deserve better. Buy your Clawguard before May 15th to participate in this fundraiser.

For you: We have a special discount for Dogs Deserve Better fans. Enter coupon YESDDB at checkout for free shipping!

This offer is valid between May 1 and May 15th and is applicable to purchases on our website Clawguard.com. How many Clawguards will you order? One for home and one for travel? Or one for the front door, back door and basement door too? 

Discount code YESDDB good at Clawguard.com until May 15th.

Free Shipping discount valid for U.S. orders only.

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Clawguard Sales Support Dogs Deserve Better

Posted by Kevin Dixon on

At Clawguard, we're committed to giving back to rescue organizations working tirelessly on behalf of animals in need. This month, we decided to partner up again with one of our favorite groups, Dogs Deserve Better, who we worked with for one of our first charity partnerships exactly one year ago this month. September 15-30, every Clawguard sold will support the work of Dogs Deserve Better.

DDB works nationwide to rescue penned and chained animals. Their Good Newz Rehabilitation Center in Smithfield, VA is located on the site of the NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s former Bad Newz Kennel that was shut down in 2007. DDB works to rehabilitate chained and penned dogs, many of whom have had little human interaction and been neglected for years. These dogs are rescued, treated, socialized and eventually found loving homes where they can live out the rest of their years in freedom.

A portion of each Clawguard sale through September 30 will be donated directly to Dogs Deserve Better to support their important work. Thank you to DDB for all that you do to help rehabilitate these deserving dogs!

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August Clawguard Sales Support Heartland Humane Society of South Dakota

Posted by Kevin Dixon on

Continuing our commitment to support homeless pets and some of the rescues working to find them forever homes, this August we're continuing our "Clawguard Gives Back" series. Now through August 31, every Clawguard sales will go to support the work of Heartland Humane Society in Yankton, SD.

Heartland Humane Society plays a vital role in the lives of countless animals every year, and we were truly touched hearing the stories of some of the animals that have been nursed back to health, and found loving homes for. "Sigmund the Survivor" was brought to Heartland Humane Society in May 2015 after he was found in the parking lot after being hit by a card. When he lethargic and could barely move, and the staff were told that he's suffered nerve damage and they would have to wait and see how much he would recover. Heartland staff and volunteers worked for weeks to help nurse Sigmund through his injuries-- providing physical therapy to help get his back legs moving again, helping him in and out of the litter box and administering medicine. After a dedicated volunteer began taking Sigmund home for "weekend vacations," his recovery quickened. By summer he had regained movement in the back half of his body and was adopted in July 2015. Today Sigmund is settled into his new life, gentle and grateful as ever. 


Sigmund when he first arrived at Heartland Humane Society shortly after being hit by a car, and standing tall and proud shortly before he was adopted.[/caption]   Asia was another animal brought to Heartland after she and her litter of puppies were discovered abandoned in sub-zero temperatures in February 2015. On arriving at the shelter, Asia was cautious around people but created a cozy space for her pups quickly and began warming up to the staff. Volunteers and members of the community rallied to the new family's story, and donations of puppy food, blankets and even news crews followed. After the pups were weaned, all six found new homes, and Asia blossomed with a foster family-- playing with kids and her dog pal, Dori. 

Asia nursing her puppies shortly after being rescued, and a few months later, smiling at the camera for her foster mom.[/caption] Though for Asia's puppies the story was a happy one, it was discovered soon after that Asia herself had a large tumor in her kidney, something that had been unnoticed while she was staying in the shelter's care. She fought through her illness the entire time she was caring for her litter, succumbing only after they were safe and cared for.

puppies All six of Asia's puppies--Bali, Dali, Samuru, Kochi, Nikko and Hiro-- were saving from the cold and adopted into loving homes thanks to Heartland Humane Society.[/caption] For every Clawguard you purchase, we'll donate directly to Heartland Humane Society to support their vital work finding families for homeless dogs, cats and other animals.

Thank you for supporting Clawguard, and helping us support this dynamic organization!

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Creative Campaigns Help Shelter Dogs Find Forever Homes

Posted by Kevin Dixon on

At Clawguard, we're big advocates of "adopt, don't shop." Foster, the inspiration for the very first Clawguard, was adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society in 2000, and we've shared our experiences fostering dogs as well. With so many amazing animals looking for homes, you need only stop by your local animal shelter or rescue to discover a new best friend! That said, shelters continue to be overwhelmed with thousands of homeless pets, and not nearly enough homes to put them all in. With the growth of social media over the last decade, rescue organizations have gotten more creative about showcasing their adoptable animals, resulting in some innovative, hilarious and heartwarming campaigns.

Dog Meets Photobooth Photobooth Dog Portraits Every dog owner knows that it's nearly impossible to capture your pet's personality in just one photo. In an irresistible new campaign to show off the many faces of their adoptable dogs,  The Humane Society of Utah created photobooth-style portraits of their adoptable dogs. The charming images worked wonders-- all the pups featured in the project have now found forever homes.  

Home for Hope While the Ikea showroom is known for it's homey feel, dog lovers know that no house is complete without a dog curled up on the couch next to you. The Singapore-based Home for Hope campaign made use of this idea by creating life size cut-outs of adoptable dogs from local shelters that were displayed throughout an Ikea store. A QR code around the dog's neck let visitors learn more about the real animal, and other pups hoping to find homes.  

Photobombing for Good

Selfies with Shelter Dogs

Who says the rise of the selfie is all bad? One Dallas animal shelter turned the Instagram craze on it's head, photoshopping adoptable dog photobombs into people's Instagram photos in a move they dubbed "muttbombing." Each photo was reposted on DPA's account with a caption written as the dog, encouraging viewers to consider adding a real dog to their life, and their next photo session.  

Swipe Right for (Puppy) Love While it can be tricky to find the perfect human partner online, one NYC animal shelter hopes that Tinder users will take a chance on actual puppy love. Rescue organization Social Tees teamed up with the dating site last year to post profiles of adoptable dogs, and so far more than 1500 matches have been made.  

Every Home Needs a Harvey

Finally, we couldn't resist sharing this video created by British marketing firm Thinkbox. Though the spot was designed to promote TV advertising (just look how effective a commercial "sells" Harvey!), the message about a dog looking for his forever home is still a powerful one. Every shelter is full of Harvey's just waiting to find their forever homes. And while we can't guarantee they'll be able to pick the kids up from school, adopting a dog is sure to improve your life in plenty of other ways!

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Clawguard Blog


We love dogs, first and foremost. And we know that each dog has a unique story. Our Blog is a place to share those stories. 

Has your dog experienced separation anxiety? Have you used a Clawguard as a training tool to help you dog stop scratching a door? Used a Clawguard in a clever new way? We'd love to hear about it.

Send us your story and your dog could be featured in our next blog post.

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