What Household Items Are Poisonous To Pets


When it comes to our pets, many pet parents find themselves “puppy-proofing” their homes -- whether they are bringing home a puppy, a kitten or an older dog or cat they’ve just rescued.

There are some items that are common sense to keep your pet away from. Items such as:

  1. Household cleaners (invest in natural, pet-safe household cleaning items)
  2. Laundry soap, laundry soap pods (keep all laundry items in cupboards away from your pets)
  3. Electrical cords (puppies love to chew and may chew cords if they see them)
  4. Space heaters (these could be knocked over, be a fire hazard and burn your pets)
  5. Medications (your medications, even if they’re in child-safe bottles can easy be chewed through and gobbled down by your pets). Even pet medications need to be kept out of reach of your pets.
  6. Sharp objects such as scissors or knives. (We’ve known cats who’ve snagged scissors and dropped them onto the ground where they would have been a hazard for a dog in the house)
  7. Certain foods (chocolate, coffee, grapes, etc.)
  8. Batteries (this means any remote controls or other battery-operated items need to be kept away from your pets)
  9. Certain house plants (many of these are poisonous and deadly to your pets)
  10. Small toys (if you have children in the house who play games with small objects these could be swallowed by your pet)

We also know, as pet parents ourselves, that when we are eating and our pets are giving us those “puppy dog eyes” it’s easy to want to slip them some of your people food. We urge you to resist because many of our human foods simply aren’t healthy for our pets.

Here are five human foods to keep away from your pets:

  1. Salty snacks. These can lead to excessive thirst and urination and have the potential to cause sodium ion poisoning.
  2. Seeds from fruits. If your dog loves apples, just feed him apple slices and not any of the seeds. This goes for any seeds in fruits or vegetables.
  3. Bread dough, because of the yeast. If you’re a baker, don’t give your dog any bread dough; the yeast can rise in his stomach and cause health issues. Avoid any uncooked baked goods.
  4. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Period.
  5. Milk or other dairy products. Cats and dogs can’t easily digest dairy and this could lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

Our best advice? Feed your pet dog- and cat-friendly foods and treats. Teach them when they’re young or when you’ve just brought them home that begging at the table won’t gain them any of the human foods that are there and they will cease begging.

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