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Tips & Tricks for a Pet-Friendly Halloween

By :Emily Cook 0 comments
Tips & Tricks for a Pet-Friendly Halloween

The festivities of Halloween bring a flurry of excitement for all. The squealing of costumed young children and the repetitive ringing of the doorbell can often be scary for pets and make even the calmest pet anxious. With all of the activity at the front door, your pet's curiosity might get the better of them. That's where CLAWGUARD® comes in.

CLAWGUARD® products are made specifically so that pet owners can focus more on training and relieving pet anxiety rather than the damage in their home. Our Original and Heavy-Duty doorshields are perfect for protecting your doors and doorframes from exciting pups or cats that want to greet your trick or treaters this year. Worried that your kitty is going to jump up on the counter to investigate the candy bowl. Try our Cat Training Tape, also featured in this month's issue of Modern Cat, to help them learn to not jump up to unwanted areas. 

In the meantime, follow these tips and tricks for a safe and happy Halloween with your pets!


Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe this Halloween

  1. Keep the trick-or-treat candy away from your dog or cat. Artificial sweeteners such as xylitol can be lethal to dogs and chocolate can make both dogs & cats sick. 

  2. Do not leave your dog outside on Halloween. Joyous shrieks of children, as well as malicious pranksters, can tempt your pet to make a break for it. Keep them safe in the house and on their leash during potty breaks.

  3. Keep your pets away from the door. Not only can pets dash out of the door and become lost but the anxiety of the evening could cause them to scratch or bite at the door and cause injury to their mouths or paws. CLAWGUARD® Door Shields can prevent damage, but let's keep our pets safe inside.

  4. Keep Halloween pumpkins and corn out of your pet's reach. These vegetables can give your pets a stomachache or cause blockages if swallowed.

  5. Use caution with pet costumes. Not all pets enjoy being dressed and the foreign outfit could cause undue stress. Unless you know your pet is comfortable and stress-free in their outfit, it's best to skip the pet costumes.

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