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Today we have a special story to share... and a giveaway! 

But first, a special story

Meet Kayla

Kayla has a heart for animals and an artistic flair - so naturally when she started painting, she painted pets.

In 2016 she started her official artist page & accepted commissions from many pet owners across the United States. Folks loved her colorful watercolors. She captured dogs, cats, big and small, and painted watercolor paintings so full of life & personality - everyone loved them!

adorable frenchie dog portraits

Kayla's life is full of animal love, particularly for bully breed dogs, of which she has three.

Meet Diggy

At the same time, not far away in Waterford Michigan, an American bulldog was getting a lot of attention. Diggy the smiling dog was adopted, after over 100 days in the shelter, he had found a perfect companion, and they both were full of smiles.

Diggy the waterford dog


After his photo went viral, Diggy was soon the center of a serious legal battle between Waterford Township police and Diggy's new family. The battle was over a law that banned "pit bulls" from the township.

You see, the police "decided that Diggy was a pit bull" and wasn't allowed. But Diggy is an American Bulldog, and his owners did everything they could to fight the unfair & unjustified new labeling of their dog.

"Waterford, Mich., is a township where certain dog breeds are outlawed, under a type of ordinance known as breed-specific legislation, or BSL.” - Washington Post

The world paid attention, petitions were signed by thousands of supporters, and the lawyers fought hard all summer to help Diggy stay home.

Around this time, Kayla was inspired to paint that smily dog Diggy and turn his portrait into something joyful, full of color and life, like Diggy himself.

diggy dog portrait artist

Not bad, huh?


In September, the court case was dropped. Diggy will get to stay home, where he's happy and free. Hurray!

"Diggy The Dog Will Stay With His Family" -

Kayla, didn't know Diggy's owners personally, but she wanted to gift them the portrait, so she shouted out to her friends on Social Media to see if anyone knew Diggy's owners. And sure enough, someone did!

Cue the happy reunion:

diggy dog home celebration

We're so happy this story has a happy ending!

Kayla's portrait business has continued to grow, thanks in part to the attention her Diggy portrait received. She's being recognized for her talent by new fans everyday, and enjoying drawing countless pets. Dogs, cats, etc. Her watercolor paintings are large - 11x14 or 16x20. Perfect for a nice large frame.


We are inspired to pay it forward to someone else who has a pet who makes them smile, laugh, and even occasionally take funny selfies together.

To enter,  follow the instructions below

a Rafflecopter giveaway


...then leave us a comment on the blog and tell us what's your pet's best feature: Gorgeous eyes? A goofy smile? Maybe a funny ear that sticks up? Every pet is pretty special <3


Note: Giveaway open to US residents only. Prize is an 11x14 or 16x20 original watercolor print. Apply by April 4th, 2017. Winners chosen at random from the pool of entries. See rules and how to enter above. Have additional questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to

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  • I love the way you portrait our best friends! I lost my first medical service schnauzer in an accident. While at the vets after Denver Ann had pasted I just couldn’t leave her there alone. Someone placed a very small bundle on my lap and asked if I could watch her for a while. This little bundle has become my sweet Rose Marie. Rose never meets anyone she doesn’t like. She is a friend and a little bit of love to those that need a puppy kiss. She didn’t just fit Denver’s paw print, she soon made an imprint on everyone’s heart. I would love to know more about you prints and how much it would cost me to have one done. Thanks, Barbara & Rose Marie

    Barbara Heldreth & Rose Marie (My Medical Service Schnauzer) on
  • I love this because my dog is challenging to photograph well (she is all black) so i would love a painted portrait of her to hang!

    I can’t pick just one thing i love about her…. but one of my favorites is how she snuggles up next to me when we are sleeping, and leans into me like she can’t get close enough!

    Sarah on
  • Your story hit home. I don’t have a pit bull but I have 4 ferrets and ferrets are illegal in several places. I am glad the case was dropped. Your artwork is very bright and colorful! My pets’ best feature are making me happy when I have had a rough day.

    Brittany on
  • I would love one of my special boy who crossed the rainbow bridge in January. Your artwork is perfect for our home!

    Tori on
  • This would be so cool to win! I have a beautiful Belgian Malinois and her eyes are simply indescribable!

    Emma on

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