These Dogs Have Halloween Covered: Funniest Dog Costumes

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Dressing dogs in clothing is a polarizing issue. There are those who have drawers full of clothing for their pup, and those who can't imagine. But when it comes to Halloween, there's one thing most of us can agree on: Dogs in costumes are adorable. Here are a few of our favorite creative and hilarious dog Halloween costumes.


funny dog Halloween costume

The award for the most unexpected costume has to go to "Two Dogs Carrying a Present." We don't know who thinks of these things or why, but we're glad they did. Source.


Frida Kahlo dog costume

Art lovers will appreciate this canine nod to Frida Kahlo. Good luck drawing on that unibrow, though. Source.


martini dog costume

If your dog happens to be in an Elizabethan collar over Halloween doesn't mean they can't dress up. Consider transforming that plastic cone into a dirty martini, like this boozehound. Source.


Dog Halloween costume

 This dog-to-lion transformation proves that sometimes simple can be best. Source.


Not the most terrifying Cerberus we've ever seen, but possibly the cutest. Source.


Captain Jack, or just a run of the mill pirate, we approve of chihuahuas with dreadlocks regardless. 

 Pincushion dog costume Halloween

Seamstresses will recognize this stuff tomato instantly as the classic pincushion. Only this time on four feet with a thimble hat. 


And if you're feeling really mischievous this Halloween, consider copying SpiderDog and scaring the bejeezus out of unsuspecting neighbors like this guy did.

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Doggie Language, Illustrated

Kevin Dixon

With the thousands of tips and tricks out there for how to train our dogs, it's easy to forget that as dog owners it's up to us to train ourselves to read out dogs as well. In a quest to help educate the public, illustrator Lili Chin created a series of infographics and posters that are not only adorable, but also shed light on dog body language, behavior, special needs dogs and more. Here are a few of our favorites--  "Doggie Language" stars Chin's Boston Terrier, Boogie, in a demonstration and decoding of dog body language.  

the yellow dog project illustrations

"The Yellow Dog Project" is a program to help visually identify dogs that need a little space when they're outside, and to encourage those nearby to give them a little extra space. "How Not to Greet a Dog" is a great resource, especially for teaching children dog manners.    "Ain't Misbehavin'!," a collaboration between Chin and dog trainer Elisabeth Weiss, is a good reminder to keep our pets engaged in positive activities rather than get angry when they act out out of boredom. See more Doggie Drawings here.

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September Sales Support "Dogs Deserve Better"

Kevin Dixon

Continuing our commitment to give back to homeless pets and animal charities we admire,we're donating $1 of every Clawguard sale in September to Dogs Deserve Bettera Virginia-based organization committed to rescuing penned and chained animals.


clawguard supports Dogs Deserve Better organization.


Dogs Deserve Better's Good Newz Rehabilitation Center in Smithfield, VA is located on the site of the NFL quarterback Michael Vick's former Bad Newz Kennel. The center has sheltered over 80 dogs since moving into their dedicated space in 2011, socializing and rehoming animals who would otherwise have spent their entire lives outdoors, neglected and alone.

We recently worked with Amy Hines of Dogs Deserve Better when she brought an energetic crew of "dog models" to a Clawguard video shoot. Afterwards falling in love with the pooches-- and the organizations mission-- we donated  a handful of Clawguards to help protect the doors at DDB's facility.

Pups at Dogs Deserve Better

With 80+ dogs coming through the facility, the doors at Good News Rehabilitation Center took a beating.


With a crew of inquisitive pups still learning about manners and how to behave inside a home, it's no surprise that the Center's doors take a beating. Amy said that "our staff is constantly cleaning, sanding and touching up the scratched trim that surrounds our doors." The pups are "always curious as to who might be on the other side of the door. [But] we were all smiles as the first Clawguard was hung around the door knob."


Clawguard sales support Dogs Deserve Better

Inquisitive pups check out their new Clawguard


Amy said that with the organization's limited budget, Clawguard would prevent costly repairs to the Center's doors and trim. She said, "Being a non-profit, we can now save money on the supplies it takes to make these repairs and get back to spending time obedience training our pups! Here are six reasons why Clawguard is a MUST HAVE: Poppy, Rico, Rhes, Suki, Chance & Sampson!"


Clawguard sales support Dogs Deserve Better

To support the important work Dogs Deserve Better is doing, donate directly through their website. To support their work AND protect your own doors from damage, purchase a Clawguard in September!


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Dog Life: Underwater Fetch

Kevin Dixon

It's takes effort to achieve anything great, and sometimes great efforts can make you look, well, a little crazy. This truth is no different for man's best friend, as revealed by photographer Seth Casteel. In the photo series (and now book) "Underwater Dogs," Casteel reveals the lengths to which our dogs go to to fetch a ball underwater. Though the series is definitely hilarious, with all those flapping gums and gnashing teeth, we're just glad that these expressions are still hidden most of the time.

Underwater DogsUnderwater DogsUnderwater DogsUnderwater Dogs

via The Telegraph.


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Dogs We Love: Maddie on Things

Kevin Dixon

Every pet owner's done it: Your dog is standing there, minding her own business when suddenly the idea pops into your head, "Wouldn't it be funny if I could get her to stand on top of that tall thing over there?" Generally our practical side will win out of these sorts of silly/crazy/dangerous ideas. But when photographer Theron Humphrey has a similar train of thought, instead of talking himself out of the crazy idea to pose his dog on top of his truck, he ran with it. What developed was a series of (highly entertaining) photos of his coonhound, Maddie, entitled simply, Maddie on Things.

Maddie On ThingsMaddie On Things

Maddie the Coonhound is a rescue (yay!) who accompanied Humphrey on a photo project across the country. He began photographing her along the way and discovered Maddie's uncanny ability to balance atop just about anything. The photos gained a following on Instagram and soon Maddie and her balancing act went viral. She's become something of a celebrity, having appeared on The Today Show and Buzzfeed, just to name a few.

Maddie the Coonhound

These  days, Maddie seems to be doing less balancing, but between William Wegman-style photo opps and a book tour, her life is still quite lovely, and definitely well-documented. For more pics of Maddie on things, check out her Instagram or website.

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Keep Your Pet Safe This Fourth of July

Did you know that more pets get lost of the Fourth of July than on any other day of the year? Fireworks and parties are fun for humans but can be stressful to our canine companions. Keep your pup safe with these tips from Petfinder.

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7 Lessons Learned from my First Foster Dog

Kevin Dixon

Foster Dog

I never thought that I would have a dog. Ever. But something changed this year. For the first time I own my own home and I have a real backyard. I have, as they say, settled down. And I kind of like it. So this spring my husband and I looked at each other and said "How about a dog?" And that is how Jericho came into our lives.


Jericho is a foster dog and will live with me until he is adopted by his new family. I'm really, really glad to be able to share my home with this sweet guy. I found out about Jericho through Last Day Dog Rescue, a wonderful organization that rescues dogs from high-kill shelters in Michigan and Ohio (you may remember them as the recipient of 10% of Clawguard's profits in May). Last Day places dogs in foster homes until they are adopted. This allows the dog to adjust to life in a healthy home situation, and it lets us learn more about the dog and his personality.  


The first few days were a bit iffy. I picked up Jericho on a Tuesday afternoon. He pulled on the leash so hard that I wasn't sure I could get him safely between the shelter and my car. His first few moments running around the house were eye opening for me as well. "Oh boy!" I thought to myself, as I saw my house from the point of view of a dog for the first time. Would he wreck all of our furniture? How about our shoes-- Are they safe? Is he really house-trained, and what do we do if he isn't? Are there things he's afraid of? Jericho is an American Staffordshire Terrier. At 55 lbs he's a lot of dog. He loves people and plays well with smaller, more submissive dogs. We're working some of his bad habits, such as not pulling the leash, or chasing cats. But aside from that he's really, really wonderful. In a few short weeks I've learned so much about having a dog. So I wanted to share these with you.  

What I've learned from my first (foster) dog:


1. Dogs will show you unconditional love (and you'll love it.)

They never get tired of being rubbed, petted, thrown a ball. They know that you're the person caring for them, and they like to be around you. Jericho in particular is one of those dogs who is a "shadow". He'd stay right beside me every moment of the day if he could. 


2. The right toys are indispensable.

When the chewing or rough-housing begins, I want to have the perfect dog-approved toy nearby. Anything that I can give Jericho to re-direct his energy is worth it's weight in gold. Jericho loves to chew a big bone, and it's a wonderful way to calm him down when I'm busy cooking, entertaining guests, or working from home. It sounds silly to say this, but every toy that I've given Jericho has been a hit. If I keep up the gift-buying I may become broke, but boy will this dog be happy and most importantly, stay out of trouble!

3. Dogs can destroy things.

I am constantly reminded that this sweet dog also has the ability to do some real damage to my belongings. An unattended, bored dog is capable of a lot of mischief. It is impressive what damage Jericho can do to a stick, a bone, a patch of grass... Thankfully, I know that if he starts to claw up the door at least I'm covered with a Clawguard door shield!

4. My schedule has got to change.

The days of waking up 10 minutes before I have to leave for work are long gone. Last minute plans to go away for the weekend on a whim - gone too! My days begin at 6:30AM now, when Jericho begins whimpering. My husband or I will often jump up and spend half an hour outside while the sun rises. It's calm, it's a great way to start the day and it is quality time that we are lucky to be able to spend together. (Ok, I'm not going to lie, sometimes it's quality time with my iPhone too.) And at 10 or 11pm when I'm winding down, I have to remember that there's still a very important potty-break on the schedule. I don't want to put Jericho in his crate without letting him outside first, because a wake-up call any earlier than 6:30 is not OK with me.

5.  Balance

I work at a computer for countless hours every day and I can tell you that the most wonderful gift I can get is outdoor time. Time to regroup and step away, or just enjoy a change of scenery while I'm still working. Taking a break to watch Jericho bound around the yard means that I get to breathe fresh air and see the sun too. ... Of course, I should probably wait until it is bitter cold and snowy outside, and tell you if I still feel this way.

6. Dog food is expensive.

Like, oh-my-gosh expensive. $50, $60 a bag is not unusual. My wallet hurts... But at least it's for a good cause!

7. It's hard.

Caring for a dog is not easy. A walk in the park sounds easy, in theory. But walking Jericho in a park filled with other dogs might be the biggest challenge of my life. Why? Because you can't communicate to him why certain things aren't allowed, or why he shouldn't growl  at some of the neighbor dogs. We're working on all of these things every day, and it is work.

All I want to do is give this dog happy experiences. But I've discovered that I have to instill more discipline in his routine in order to achieve that. I'm the strict parent most of the time and I'll fully own that label. I want Jericho to be the best dog for his future family. I'm glad that my husband and I thought long and hard before deciding to foster a dog. We knew it would be an adjustment, but that it would teach us what we needed to learn. So far we're really happy with our decision, with the good, the bad and the... really cute. (o:

What have you learned from having a dog? Would you ever foster one? We'd love to hear. Share your experiences on our Facebook page!

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Black, Soapy and Goofy Dogs: Our Top 3 Dog Photo Projects

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Taking pictures of your dog is a no-brainer. Other than kids, dogs are probably our most photographed family members-- sometimes more than kids, depending on the household! And besides our own pet's snapshots, we love seeing that not even professional photographers are immune from dogs as subjects. Check out three of our favorite dog photo series:  

1. Black Dogs Project

Black Dog Project

People who work with animal rescues often describe "Black Dog Syndrome," the tendency for black dogs (and cats, too) to be overlooked by adopters. Whether it's due to ideas about black dogs being ferocious, or, in the case of cats, old superstitions about bag luck, photographer Fred Levy created The Black Dogs Project to counter these stereotypes.

Black Dog Project

He explains the project as "a conversation" about how much more difficult it is for black dogs to get adopted, and the beautiful portraits shows these animals as the lovable animals they truly are.  



2. Wet Dogs

Wet Dogs

Photographer Sophie Gamand uses her work to explore the relationship between humans and their animals. Her latest project, "Wet Dogs," captures the wide (and wild) range of expressions on dogs in the midst of being bathed.

Wet Dogs


Gamand has loftier artistic questions she's exploring through the series, but we can't help but wonder: Is there anything more pathetic (or hilarious) than a wet dog? Images via Collasal  

3. #PeanutButterSeries

Peanut Butter Series

Stephanie McCombie is the owner of a couple of German Shorthair Pointer who loves peanut butter. After feeding the pups their favorite treat last year, she was amused by the crazy faces they made with the sticky stuff in their mouths. She shot a few photos and posted them to Instagram with the hashtag #peanutbutterseries. Soon hundreds of other pet owners joined in in posting their pets' most contorted faces and a social media phenomenon was born. 

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Clawguard Sales Support Last Day Dog Rescue

Kevin Dixon
With more than 6 million animals available for adoption in shelters across the country, Clawguard is committed to supporting rescue organization's efforts to find loving homes for these pets. We donate a portion of our sales throughout the year to organizations that inspire us with their commitment to homeless pets. This month we are partnering with a wonderful Detroit-area animal rescue group.

During the month of May, one dollar from every Clawguard sale will be donated to the Last Day Dog Rescue.

Last Day Dog Rescue

LDDR is a 100% volunteer-run organization that rescues animals from high-kill shelters in Michigan and Ohio. Their commitment to finding homes for ALL dogs is inspiring-- According to LDDR's website, "We hold a special place in our hearts for the big, black dogs, the not so pretty dogs, and senior dogs because they are often passed up in shelters everywhere for puppies, small breeds and the lighter colored “prettier” dogs."

Last Day Dog Rescue

Our very own web designer, Laura Eagin, is an approved foster for LDDR and is excited to be matched up with a pup soon. She and her husband have been talking for a long time about how they could give a dog a good home, and fostering is something they're passionate about doing. At Clawguard, we're excited to be able to support the important work the Last Day Dog Rescue team does. You can feel good knowing that $1 of your Clawguard purchase in May will support LDDR's dogs (and cats). Shop Clawguard now, and check out the great things happening at Last Day Dog Rescue.

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The Story Behind CLAWGUARD®

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For our very first blog post, we wanted to share the story of how CLAWGUARD® came to be. Read on for the furry inspiration behind our pet scratching solution.

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