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Heavy Duty Door Shields - Protection From Pet Scratching


Doors, door frames and walls are common places where pet damage occurs, often leading to unsightly scratch marks, paw irritation, chew marks, drywall repair, lost deposits and door replacements, which can be expensive to fix. Fortunately, our Heavy Duty Clawguard Door Shields help homeowners with pets save money. They are twice the strength as the Original Door Shield and provide much more coverage area. More importantly, they will keep your pet's paws safe and your home interior beautiful.

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Why Choose Us ?

By protecting your home with Clawguard, pet parents can focus more on training and less on damage.


If your Clawguard isn’t perfect, return them within 30 days for a full refund.


Free shipping for orders over $110
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Our Door Shields are a frosted clear, high quality, anti-scratch shield barrier that is perfect for doors, door frames, walls and more. They are also proudly made in USA!

Extended Coverage For Your Home

Doors, doorframes and walls are common places where pet damage occurs. Unsightly scratch marks, chew marks, dry wall repair, lost deposits and door replacements can be expensive. Clawguard is here to help and blocks scratching and clawing from doors, door jams, door frames and walls.  

Made From A Clear Strong High Tech Plastic

Designed with quality to protect Doors, Door Frames and Walls from scratching, clawing and chewing damage caused by the biggest (and smallest) dogs and cats. Frosted Clear high-tech plastic was designed to match any door color and décor to keep your home beautiful. By creating a durable barrier, your home is protected.

Our Products Are Safe And Recyclable

Made from high quality and recyclable plastic to protect pet paws, teeth, mouth and gums from injury. Persistent scratching, clawing and chewing to Doors can result in splinters, dry wall dust and paint chips that cause irritation and infection to dog and cat paws and nails. Keep your pets safe with the best Door Shields in the world from CLAWGUARD.

Quick Easy Installation

Simply pop over the door knob and you're protected! Patented design makes it easy to push-to-install and remove as needed. With 20” x 44” of high-quality material, it’s the fastest and safest way to protect the inside or outside of your door, transport and use whenever needed. No Hardware or Fasteners Required!

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