Designed with purpose and quality to protect common areas of your home from scratching, clawing and chewing damage caused by dogs, cats, birds and rabbits. Crystal Clear to match any decor to keep your home beautiful. By creating a barrier, pets are less likely to cause damage to their favorite spot - opening an opportunity for training.

• Crystal Clear to match any décor.
• Measures 32in x 24in and fits most doors and screen doors.
• Shatterproof and durable protection where needed.
• Customize with sturdy household scissors.
• Installs in seconds.
• No hardware required.
• Made in USA.

Made from high quality recyclable plastic to protect pet paws from injury. Persistent scratching and clawing can result in Splinters and Paint chips causing irritation and infection to dog and cat paws and nails. Chewing baseboards, drywall and other areas of your home can cause tooth, mouth and gum problems for your furry friend. Keep your home safe and beautiful for your pets.

• CLAWGUARD Scratch SHIELD (32” x 24”).
• (10) 3M Duel Lock fasteners.

SKU: 10050

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