CLAWGUARD is a company built on purpose: We use high-quality plastics made in the U.S.A. to build products that help our pet and human communities.

Our face shields pivot up and down, include comfort foam, are multi-use, anti-fog, anti-glare, and are made of high quality PET plastic. Clearly see your mouth while speaking and breath easy. One-size fits all headband makes it a great face shield for  schools, families, friends, gatherings, running errands, speech pathology, healthcare, food service, grocery stores, retail workers, warehouse and essential work places. 


VALUE 20-PACK KITS - Each kit of 20-face shields arrive in small compact box for easy storage and use when needed. Simply assemble and go. Perfect for Classrooms, School, Families, Gatherings, Office, Healthcare, Kids Sports, Food Service, Military or other situations when close to people. 

SAFE COVERAGE - Pivots up and down to easily adjust your mask, making eating and drinking simple. Breathe easy. 14 mm thick PET plastic shield is strong, clear and provides full length coverage for adults and kids.

COMFORTABLE FIT - Includes non-porous closed cell 3/4" comfort foam that allows plenty of room for goggles and mask. One size fits all plastic head strap is adjustable for the right fit. No elastic clips needed. Pivots up and down for access to face or mask as needed. Blocks from persistent touching to the face and eyes. 

MEDICAL AND PROFESSIONAL GRADEClosed cell comfort foam and cleaner approved headband DOES NOT absorb liquids, dust or other particles that may contaminate your face shield. 

MADE IN USA - Support U.S. business. Made and shipped from NC, IN, and CA.

FAST DELIVERY - To your family, school or business within 3-5 business days

• Thick 14 mm protective shield
• One size fits all
• Comfort fit closed cell foam (optional)
• Shield pivots to access face or mask as needed
• Multi-use FDA approved material
• Made in USA

• Healthcare, Speech Pathology
• Food Service and Grocery Stores
• Sports teams, Spectator Sports, Poolside, Family gatherings
• Essential Workplaces 
• Safe for areas where direct contact will occur


• 20 PET 14 mil Shields
• 20 PE 15 mil Headbands 
• 40 Screw Posts
• Assembly instructions 
• Compact package dimensions - 14 x 8.5 x 1.5625


Due to COVID-19, face shields are in high demand. We are here to help. Our capacity is 20,000 face shields per week. For orders over 1,000+, please contact us directly for pricing. 

*For better coverage, a protective face mask is recommended to be used with any face shield.

Thank you for choosing CLAWGUARD.

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