Why is The Clawguard® the Ultimate Door Scratch Protector?

We made our door shield simple to install and remove customizable to fit your door. After all, we don't want to make your door uglier with more hardware. We simply want to help you keep your door scratch-free and protect it so that no one can tell that your pet occasionally gets paws and claws on the door.


  • Frosted clear to match any décor
  • Easily customize or trim with household scissors
  • Durable door and door-frame protection
  • Inside or outside use
  • Smooth or textured surface for optimum noise control
  • No hardware required
  • Made of recyclable polymer
  • Made in USA

The Story Behind the Clawguard

A classic story of dogs meets door, and a man who saw a solution to all of that scratching.

Isn't it time to stop the scratching?

We love hearing from happy customers who have found the Clawguard® to be the right solution to train their dogs to stop scratching the door. It's a simple idea - but it works for so many dog lovers who have tried countless other solutions. 

Don't give up. Try the Clawguard and tell us how you like it too.