Protect their doors and door frames from pet scratching and wear and tear. CLAWGUARD® Door Shield can be used in many ways, and here are a few examples and tips below.




How to Install

Wherever there is a doorknob, you can place a CLAWGUARD®. Our universal design fits all doors securely, without any extra hardware. Simply slip the flexible polymer CLAWGUARD® over the doorknob, then secure the bottom with one velcro fastener. It's really that simple. Clawguard protects doors from dog scratching how to use clawguard Answers to frequently asked questions

What do our customers say?

[one_half] "It fits easily over the door and covers enough of the door frame.  It's the perfect size.  We didn't even have to use the velcro supplied with the cover as we have a small dog.  As a mater of fact, our little dog doesn't even scratch now with the guard in place. Great, great, product at a very reasonable price.  Thank you!"  - S. Walsh, Laguna Niguel, CA "Outstanding customer service! Very fast delivery. I give this product 5 stars because it works! We tried a few other door protectors but this one works the best."- R. Spencer, Richmond VA  [/one_half] [one_half_last] "Our 90 pound German Shepard takes her job of being the security guard very serious and will attack the front door whenever anyone comes up to it. The ClawGuard works perfectly to protect the door from her scratches and can be removed if we're entertaining. I love this item!" - Lisa, Fort Worth, TX "Perfect for our English Bulldog who scratches at our door. Does exactly what is stated! Thanks!" - J. Suss, Denver CO "Not having to adhear plastic to the door is great! The Clawguard works perfectly! Thanks for the quick shipping and for developing a great product." - Ali, Charleston , WV [/one_half_last] Buy The Clawguard®