Product Details

Why go through the aggravation and the expense of continually repairing the damage caused by the family pet. Repairing or replacing doors can cost thousands of dollars and Clawguard has come up with the ultimate solution to the Problem. It’s unique design makes the use of a polymer plastic shield that easily fits over the door hardware and protects not only the door, but the surrounding frame as well. A velcro fastener also helps to secure the shield to the bottom of the door. This universal design fits all exterior and interior doors. The CLAWGUARD offers a simple solution to a costly problem – Reliable protection against claw damage caused by pets.  Extensive coverage shields targeted areas on door and door-frame.  The easy-to-install CLAWGUARD is transparent in color.  Features include:
  • Frosted clear for universal color schemes
  • Easily customize or trim with household scissors
  • Durable door and door-frame protection
  • Inside or outside use
  • Smooth or textured surface for optimum noise control
  • No hardware required
Protect your pets.  Doors and door-frames that splinter can cause serious injury and irritation to pet’s paws. The easy-to-install CLAWGUARD is the sure way to protect pets from splinter injuries while maintaining the integrity of your household doors. Guard your home.  Replacing household doors damaged by pets can be very expensive. The CLAWGUARD protects against doors that splinter, sheds paint or displays unsightly scratch marks. It’s also engineered to shield both door and doorframe AND provides optional inside or outside door protection. Other Features:
  • Made with 100% recyclable polymer
  • Measures W18" x L43"
  • Made in the USA
How To Use

Hang the CLAWGUARD from standard size doornob. Optional velcro fastener included. To use velcro fastener, clear door surface, peel backing and apply near bottom of door. See Position 1 illustration.

Position 1

Position 2