Rocco and Foster Innovations - The company behind The Clawguard®

It all began with two friends, their entrepreneurial spirit, their passion for innovation, and a badly scratched up door.

The first Clawguard was invented by Kevin Dixon for his dog, Foster

Foster would scratch every door in every home we rented. We kept losing our pet deposit. We tried training him to stop scratching. So we designed a makeshift door shield. We made it out of duct tape and cardboard and while it wasn't a permanent solution, it worked for us. Foster learned to stop scratching the door.

Since that first Clawguard was made we have seen our business grow tremendously through word of mouth and referrals. Our customers love our product and find that is solves their problem, namely with pets scratching doors.


We are happy to be bringing a solution to so many customers. But the Clawguard is just the beginning...

Rocco and Foster

Rocco and Foster Innovations (R&F) was launched based on the foundation that truly novel ideas can become reality. Our main priority is to provide a platform for design, manufacturing and marketing of novel products created by individuals who have a passion for a better solution.  In our daily lives we continually face challenges which can be conquered with simple and innovative ideas, which we hope to bring to you, the consumer.  At the end of the day, "nothing adds more value to our company than a satisfied customer." We hope to inspire free flowing interaction that promotes innovative thinking in addressing today’s problems.  Please invite your friends, family and colleagues to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn and learn more about new products currently in research and development.

Rocco and Foster is a member of the American Pet Products Association.

American Pet Products Association

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