Retail friends - 1: 5 dogs and 1: 3 cats cause damage to the home. That means over 100 million homes in the U.S. has a pet that is experiencing pet anxiety, boredom or in the case of cats - scratching and clawing is instinctual. Many of your customers are turning to hardware stores and DIY projects for solutions. Keep your customers in your store and offer them a solution they need and looking for - CLAWGUARD products.  



Product Description:

[ KEEP YOUR HOME BEAUTIFUL ] Clear and clean invisible protection. Blends with all colors and patterns of furniture. Guards against unsightly scratch marks and furniture replacements which can be expensive. Clean appearance protects furniture from sharp nails, scratching, shredding and clawing.

[ INSTALLS IN 5 SECONDS } Simply cover the targeted area with your furniture shield. Use the included clear upholstery twist pins to firmly lock the protective barrier in place - no shifting or fuss! Easily twist the pin to lock securely into fabric and counter twist to remove. No damage to furniture and No sticky residue! Pins are reusable.

[ TOUGH AND FLEXIBLE ] CLAWGUARD furniture shields creates a high-quality MARINE GRADE barrier between your cat and couch, sofa, love seat, carpet, mattress, ottoman and more! Flexible and pliable protectors fit around corners and contours of your furniture to stop the shredding. Designed to protect against the sharpest nails.

[ SAFE AND RECYCLABLE ] CLAWGUARD furniture shields are made of high-quality, crystal clear MARINE GRADE vinyl. Unlike standard vinyl, marine grade keeps color clarity. Will not yellow or cloud and is safe for Cats. Easily cut to size and wipe clean with a damp cloth to revitalize clean fresh look.

[ MADE IN USA ] We feel it’s important to support U.S. workers and businesses. Quality manufacturing and QA testing is done to ensure the best stability and reliability of each sheet of CLAWGUARD Furniture Shields. Clear, waterproof, and nail proof. Made 100% in the USA.

[ APPLICATIONS ] Couch, sofa, love seat, carpet, mattress, ottoman, office chair and other fabric furniture. Do not use on leather as the upholstery twist pins will puncture the leather.    

[ INCLUDES ] 2 Marine Grade protective shields and 6-8 upholstery twist pins per package. 12 packages per case (3 Small, 3 Medium, 3 Large, 3 XL). See chart below.

For all life stages.

 Key Features:

  • 2 Protection sheets per package
  • Shields armchairs, couch, ottomans, baskets, love seats and more
  • Easily install, reposition, remove as needed
  • Clear head nickel plated steel upholstery twist pins included
  • Made in the USA

Sizes Included in each case:

  • (3) Small - 5.5" x 11" - M.S.R.P.  $14.95
  • (3) Medium - 5.5" x 14" - M.S.R.P.  $16.9
  • (3) Large - 5.5" x 18" - M.S.R.P.  $19.95
  • (3) X-Large - 7.5" x 18" - M.S.R.P.  $21.95

*For more information or wholesale considerations, contact us at info@clawguard.com

SKU: 1004B

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