June 25-July 1 is Pet Anxiety Awareness Week

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Just like people, pets can experience anxiety. For an owner, it can be difficult to see your dog upset and not be able to do anything about it. A Clawguard can protect your door from scratching, but there's more to addressing the root cause of your pet's fear and anxiety.

June 25 - July 1 is Pet Anxiety Awareness Week, which hopes to raise awareness about the symptoms and behaviors associated with pet anxiety. Check out our infographic for common symptoms that may indicate your dog is feeling stressed:

How to tell if your dog is stressed

If you think your pet is struggling with anxiety, seeking help from a professional may be your best bet. These tips will help you find the perfect dog trainer.

With the summer season also comes fireworks, and even the calmest dog may feel extra stress with loud explosions shaking the house and strange lights outside. For anxious dogs, the 4th of July can be a nightmare. Plan ahead to make the holiday a little less stressful on your pets.

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