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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products

General FAQ
Door Shield FAQ
Protection Tape FAQ
Furniture Shield FAQ
Cat Training Tape FAQ
Universal Scratch Shield FAQ
Window Sill Protector FAQ

Will CLAWGUARD fit my home?

CLAWGUARD products are Universal and will fit any home. Tested and designed to install in any home without hardware, CLAWGUARD products can be trimmed for the perfect fit and perfect for DIY. Clear to match any décor, our products are nearly invisible, shielding against persistent scratching and the sharpest nails.

Where can I buy CLAWGUARD?

Find CLAWGUARD products at or online at these fine retailers; Amazon, Chewy, Wayfair, and Find a list of local pet stores that carry CLAWGUARD at

Where can I find more information about Pet Anxiety?

Dogs and Cats cause damage to the home for various reasons. Dogs cause damage primarily due to anxiety or boredom. Cats cause damage because its instinctual! Find out more about these behaviors and how you can help your furry friend on our Blog page.

Do you ship Internationally including Canada and Europe?

Yes! CLAWGUARD products can be purchased from around the world through Amazon and

Have an idea for a new product?

Feel free to share your ideas for new home protection products and we would be thrilled to explore bringing these products to life for you. Simply send an email to and we will get back to you asap.