Pet Anxiety In Shelters

Did you know that over 90% of pets returned to shelters are returned within the first 2 weeks of adoption? Newly adopted pets need at least 2 weeks to decompress in their new homes. These first two weeks can be stressful for your pet, and you, and you pet may exhibit unfavorable behaviors. Our mission is to provide home protection solutions so that pet owners can concentrate less on the damage and more on loving their pets. Less Damage. More LOVE.

Proud Partners

CLAWGUARD is proud to support rescue organizations and animal welfare groups around the country. We know firsthand how hard these groups work to help pets in need and that is why we pledge a percentage of each product sold to animal welfare groups around the country. We truly believe that our furry friends and their parents deserve the best. We aim to deliver the highest quality products to our CLAWGUARD family with the hope that you can spend less time on damage and more time on loving your pet.