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How To Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Dog Pad

By :Kevin Dixon Posted May 15, 2016
How To Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Dog Pad

If you think of yourself as the ultimate dog lover, here's how to turn our home into the ultimate dog pad!

We know that dogs can really take over a house. They sure leave their mark, from chewed shoes, to furry furniture and scratched up doors... 

But what if we made the house suit the dog?

If you let Fluffy call the shots and design a dream doggie home... we bet a few of these clever products would show up in your house. 

Wasted Space? Make it the Dog's Space

A low ceiling or a tiny room are often overlooked by homeowners - but it's exactly the space that your dog would love to have. Make it special with a dog bed and custom gate.

Doggie Peephole

What's on the other side of the fence? Every dog wants to know. PetPeek Fence Window is a bubbled plastic window that lets your dog see through walls. Genius!

Stylish Pet Gates

Because baby gates are for babies! Any dog with an eye for design will prefer a stylish built-in gate from this list of great looking dog gates. If you're building a custom home, this is an absolute must-have feature.

A Cool Video Monitor

When you're gone, chances are the dog realllly wants to see you. Some dog owners have found a cleverl solution: install a PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone.

Talk to you dog via live video and give treats to reward a good dog.

Never Forget To Feed Me

Make sure the dog gets his food on time with a PetNet Feeder, a dog bowl connected to an app on your phone. Easy peasy. Now that's a dog-approved app, if we've ever seen one!

Your Dog's Own Pet Robot

Forget the lifeless chew toys, your dog wants a pet of his or her own. This robot will never get tired of running around the backyard (even if the human does). Remote-Controlled Dog Pal

A Smart Doggie Door

With the Smart Pet Door, your pet is the only one with the "keys to the house." A special device on your pet's collar automatically unlocks the door when he's in range, and locks it again afterwards, keeping your home safe from any uninvited guests.

This door is VIP only.

Upgrade To Built-In Dog Bowls

With the Designer Pet Eatery, the dog's bowls are transformed into a sleek, wall-mounted unit. They can be placed at the perfect height for your dog-- up high for big dogs, and down low for toy breeds. Now that's a custom feature we definitely want in our next house.

Dogs In The Pool

Lazy summer day? With the Dog Pool Float, your dog can now float leisurely in the pool, right beside the human doing the same. It'll keep your dog happy and cool all summer long, and comes in three sizes.

Frozen doggie popsicles anyone?

The Coolest Dog in the Trailer Park

Does Fido have a vintage obsession? Then your dog will want to spend vacations in the Straight Line Design's Dog RV. Our second favorite is the silver Airstream-style pet camper.