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Furniture Protector Shields - Guard Against Pet Scratching


Our crystal clear furniture protectors present a formidable adversary to the claws on your beloved cat or cats. Qualified by strict testing measures as marine grade quality materials, these shields are laced with chromium and manganese elements, which protect fabric colors from fading and degrading. The protection they provide is invisible to the naked eye, but results are guaranteed to be obvious. These shields effectively deter our beloved furry creatures from scratching, clawing, and alas, shredding our expensive sofas, couches, loveseats, ottomans, speakers and mattresses, just to name a few items. Expecting no applause and designed to be unnoticed, they come in 4 sizes with 2 sheets in every pack.


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Why Choose Us ?

By protecting your home with Clawguard, pet parents can focus more on training and less on damage.


If your Clawguard isn’t perfect, return them within 30 days for a full refund.


Free shipping for orders over $110
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Clear And Clean Invisible Furniture Protectors

There is no color or furniture pattern under the sun that will reveal the secret presence of these CLAWGUARD furniture shields to the naked eye. They lie as silent sentries, effectively protecting furniture from sharp nails, scratching, shredding and clawing.

Quick, Simple And Easy Installation

For those among us who may not be so handy with hardware and tools, these CLAWGUARD furniture shields are a godsend. Simply place the shields over the targeted area and the twist pins that are included in the package to lock the barriers into place. Counter twist when its time to remove them. Pins are reusable and there is never any sticky residue left behind. Our Furniture Protector Shields are designed to protect against the sharpest of nails.

Our Furniture Shields Are Long-Lasting And Pliable

The invisible barricade created by these furniture protectors are comprised of the highest grade of materials available. They fit perfectly around vulnerable furniture contours and corners, and their durable seal leaves no opening for cat claws and teeth to penetrate and damage.

Secure and Sustainable Marine Grade Vinyl

Unlike standard vinyl, marine-grade offers twos special features that are present in CLAWGUARD furniture shields; namely, UV protection to prevent colors from deteriorating and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives, which deter mildew formation. This makes them friendly to our endangered environment and safe to use.

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