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Do you have a dog or cat who scratches the door when you come home because he’s so excited to see you? How can you let your dogs and cats be as enthusiastic as they want to be without damaging your home or apartment doors? Use CLAWGUARD Products! They provide the ultimate pet scratch protection products.

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A Simple Solution : Door Protector

Why Does it Work?

Because it creates a training moment, a shield between your dog and the usual scratching spot.

Practice & Reward

A noisy door shield is an unexpected object to your pet. A simple but effective training tool.

  • Put the Clawguard on the door.
  • Give treats and reward your dog for sitting, not scratching.
  • Don't leave dog unattended until the good behavior is a habit.

dog door shield  optional velcro to affix door scratch shield  cat clawing at the door

Bonus tip: Once your pet stops scratching the door, practice leaving and coming back home again. Reward good behavior.

Product Details

Heavy Duty Clawguard®
Heavy Duty Clawguard®
Heavy Duty Clawguard®
Heavy Duty Clawguard®
Heavy Duty Clawguard®

Heavy Duty Clawguard®

Twice as strong as the Original Clawguard®, this door shield is our most durable product, specially made for bigger dogs who scratch doors. Pop the Clawguard onto the door handle and your door is protected. Flip it over to use either the smooth side or the ridged "noisy" side. Use it as a tool for for Dog Behavior Training.


MORE coverage area
Good for Indoor or outdoor use
No hardware required
44" tall, 20" wide
Made in the USA
Patent Pending

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