How to install a Clawguard door protector shield.

How to Install Your Clawguard Door Protector Shield

Jan 8, 2015 · Clawguard Stories

If your door looks like the one in the above picture, it's time for a Clawguard door protector shield! Not only do they protect doors from clawing pups, they also help train your dog not to scratch! Even more, they're easy to install!

So you've got yourself a shiny new Clawguard, but aren't sure exactly how to install it? Don't worry-- we've got your covered! Check out our new video walking you through the process of protecting your home's doors and door frames with the help of Clawguard.

Quick tips to keep in mind: - Clawguard works on both interior and exterior doors. Use it on whichever side your pet is most likely to scratch (or better yet, both!). - Clawguard can be trimmed to fit your space. If it's longer or wider than you'd like, simply cut with household scissors to a custom shape. - Easy on, easy off! Just pop Clawguard off your doorknob when you want to remove it for company or cleaning.  

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