Repainting Your Scratched Windowsill

Repainting Your Scratched Windowsill? Check This Out!

Feb 23, 2022

To keep your window sills looking nice, they often need to be repainted. But, what’s the point in repainting them if they’re just going to get damaged by your pets?

Both dogs and cats love being near the window and looking at their surroundings. We don’t want to keep them from being curious, but we also don’t want scratch marks on the window sill. So, what do we do?

Fortunately, there are some options.

Window Sill Protection with CLAWGUARD

CLAWGUARD's clear, high-quality, robust window sill protectors are resistant to scratches and claws and slobber splatter. They offer window protection that is ideal for any and all windows, plus they comes in several different sizes.

Protect your window sills from damage caused not only by your dog, but your cats, birds, or pets of any type. Not only will this protect your home, but the crystal clear high-tech plastic was created to blend in with any décor and keep your home interior looking its best at all times.

Clawguard Window Sill Protectors are simple to install and take only seconds! Simply peel away the protective peel-off liners from both sides of your Sill Shield. To install, use the translucent adhesives that are provided. You don't even need hardware.

Repair and Paint First

For the best-looking window sills, you will want to repair and paint them before placing the window sill protectors. To repair the window sills, complete the following steps:

  1. If there are dents from your dog jumping up onto the window sill, they can often be steamed out. Lightly spray the window sill with a spray bottle, then use a clean damp cloth to cover the area. You only need iron for this step, so it's fairly simple and inexpensive. Place your iron on the steam setting, and iron the covered area. If you have severe damage, this may not be an option, but it can help with shallow bumps in the wood.
  2. Once the wood is completely dry, sand the window sill with 160 grit sandpaper. When you feel the sanding is sufficient, vacuum the dust and clean the window sill.
  3. Fill in leftover grooves with wood filler using a putty knife, re-sand the area, and clean it again.
  4. Once the window sill is completely clean, apply a coat or two of primer.
  5. Choose your color and paint the window sill.
  6. Once the paint has thoroughly dried, you can apply the CLAWGUARD Window Sill Protector to prevent damage.

If you haven’t grabbed a CLAWGUARD Window Sill Protector, you can grab yours today by clicking here.

Written by Amber Drake

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