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Universal Scratch Shield - Doors Walls Screens - 32in x 24in


This highly effective, tough and durable poly-shield barrier is guaranteed to make it a “mission impossible” for your pets to scratch and claw doors, walls, windows, gates, railings and screens. Clear and constructed from superior quality materials, our Universal Scratch Shield is highly versatile and will work just about anywhere you need it. Safe for paw contact, it will not cause irritation and blends perfectly into any home décor or setting.

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Why Choose Us ?

By protecting your home with Clawguard, pet parents can focus more on training and less on damage.


If your Clawguard isn’t perfect, return them within 30 days for a full refund.


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Your Home Needs Protection From Scratching

Walls and doors are highly vulnerable areas for damage incurred by our beloved fur balls because they are easy to access and impossible to hide from view. This CLAWGUARD shield provides cost-effective protection from unsightly claw and scratch marks. 

Crystal Clear, State-Of-The-Art and Durable Design

Shatter-proof, laminated and strong, the Scratch Shield is guaranteed to protect walls and doors from scratching, clawing and chewing damage or your money back, no questions asked.

Superior Poly-Shield Material

This non-abrasive, reinforced poly shield is easily customized to suit any space that needs protection from pet damage. It comes with (8) CLAWGUARD Mounting tabs fasteners, which hold your shield securely in place without any hardware!

Recyclable And Safe For The Environment

We should all be aware of out carbon footprint and the legacy we are leaving for Mother Earth and future generations. These Universal Scratch Shields are sustainable and will keep both your doors and your pets safe from destruction and harm.

In the words of Kevin Dixon, founder of CLAWGUARD: “Our Universal Scratch Shields add to…our belief that pets make a family whole…We will ensure this mission is continued as we grow and develop more exciting products. Universal Scratch Shields present a unique training opportunity for pet owners. By installing a barrier between pets and their favorite wall to claw, pets are less likely to repeat their actions.”

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