About Clawguard And Our Pet Scratch Protection Products

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. For Clawguard-creator Kevin Dixon, it was door after scratched up door, and hundreds of dollars in lost security deposits that necessitated a solution for his dog Foster's costly habit. After trying-- and being disappointed by every product that was currently on the market, Kevin decided that if a simple, removable door scratch protector was going to exist, he was going to have to invent it!

In the words of Kevin, "We started CLAWGUARD when it was just me, my wife and our anxious, destructive and wonderful dog, Foster. As our company has grown over the past decade, so has our family."

We’ve had three incredible kids and a new (and slightly less destructive) dog named Charlie-Bear. At the same time, we’ve added new products and connected with many pet parents who are looking for ways to protect their homes so they can continue to love their pets.

At CLAWGUARD we are pet owners and pet lovers, and we’ve been there. That’s why we created products to solve that problem and keep pets and people together. Our mission is to help humans foster better relationships with their pets. It’s part of our overarching belief that pets make a family whole. Everything we do revolves around that.

Thank you for trusting us to keep your pet safe and your home protected.

Less Damage. More LOVE.