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Watch our video to see how the Clawguard works

How do you install The Clawguard®?

The Clawguard® hangs from the door knob and covers both the door and door frame.  Coverage area measures 18" x 43".  This size allows the Clawguard to protect both the door and door frame from damage caused by pet claws. If you have an in-swing door, you can cut the Clawguard® with a pair of household scissors.

Does The Clawguard® come in different sizes?

The Original Clawguard mesaures 18" by 43" and fits standard doors, covering a portion of the door frame and wall.

The HEAVY DUTY Clawguard measures 20" by 44" which covers more of the door area.

Do you need a custom-fit door shield? No problem, The Clawguard® can be trimmed with household scissors.

What is your shipping rate?

At this time, we charge a flat rate of $5.95 for shipping your order. That's means you can purchase multiple clawguards for the same low shipping rate!

Do you ship to Canada?

Canadian buyers will be happy to know that you can purchase a Clawguard from

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, from this website we only ship to the continental United States.

Do you accept major credit cards?

Yes. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and others via Pay Pal.

Does the The Clawguard® protect from cat scratches too?

During our prototype trial, numerous cat owners said The CLAWGUARD worked in preventing their cats from scratching the door and door frame.

Why does The Clawguard® come with a velcro fastener?

Yes, the velcro is optional - we provide it as a courtesy because customers have found that there is added stability with a small velcro dot (3/4"). Every Clawguard® comes with the optional velcro fastener, but it's up to you to decide if you'd like to use it.

What does it mean to have a “sound control” feature?

When our 55lb dog wanted to go out, he would scratch the door knob, bolt lock and door frame.  When designing The CLAWGUARD, we not only needed to provide protection to those areas, but also wanted a sound control feature.  Each CLAWGUARD has a smooth and textured surface.  When pets scratch the smooth side, the sound is minimal. When pets scratch the textured side, the sound is easier to hear.

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