CLAWGUARD UNIVERSAL SCRATCH SHIELD is a Clear, High Quality, Tough, Poly-Shield Barrier. Perfect for Screen Doors, Glass, Windows, Gates, Walls and more.

[ PROTECT YOUR HOME ] Walls and Doors are a common place where pet damage occurs. Unsightly scratch marks, chew marks, dry wall repair, lost deposits and door replacements can be expensive. Now there is a low- cost solution for this common problem.

[ CLEAR AND STRONG ] Designed with quality to protect Walls and Doors from scratching, clawing and chewing damage caused by the biggest (and smallest) dogs, cats, birds and other pets. Crystal Clear high tech plastic was designed to match any décor to keep your home interior beautiful. By creating a durable barrier, your home is protected.

[ INCLUDED ] One Universal Scratch Shield made of quality CLAWGUARD Poly-SHIELD material. Material can be customized to protect the space where you need it. (10) 3M Duel Lock fasteners securely fasten your shields in place. No hardware required!

[ SAFE AND RECYCLABLE ] Made from high quality and recyclable plastic to protect pet paws, teeth, mouth and gums from injury. Persistent scratching, clawing and chewing can result in Splinters, Dry Wall dust and Paint chips that cause irritation and infection to dog and cat paws and nails. Chewing window sills can cause tooth, mouth and gum problems for your furry friend. Keep your pets safe with the best window sill protectors by CLAWGUARD.

[ EASY INSTALL ] Install in seconds! Simply remove the protective peel off liners from both sides of your Universal Scratch Shield. Use the transparent 3M Duel Lock coins provided to install without hardware! The 3M Duel Lock coins all look the same. However, when put together, press firmly and they will snap and lock into place - securing your window guard and creating a clear protective shield.

[ QUALITY ] CLAWGUARD Quality Manufacturing and QA testing is done to ensure the best stability and reliability of each Scratch Shield. Clear, waterproof, shatter-resistant and crack-resistant.

[ MADE IN USA ] During these times, we feel it’s important to support U.S. workers and businesses. Quality manufacturing and QA testing is done to ensure the best stability and reliability of each CLAWGUARD product. Made 100% in the USA.

• CLAWGUARD Scratch SHIELD (32” x 24”) 

-------------------------   FAQ: HOW TO CUT -------------------------  
CLAWGUARD UNIVERSAL SCRATCH SHIELDS are made from Crystal Clear Acrylic or PET. To trim size, use lots of the same tools you’d use to cut wood for this project. 

- Jig Saw or Table Saw: While you can use blades designed for wood, there are ones specifically designed for acrylic which is best for frequent cutting projects.

- Router: Routers can be used to cut acrylic for both curved and straight cuts.

- Scoring Tool: A scoring tool will produce a deep scratch. Apply pressure to the tool and let your guide direct the cut until it is 1/8th of an inch into the sheet. This can take many passes to complete, so be patient and precise. Once the sheet has been scored, clamp the acrylic on a table edge so that the table edge aligns with the scored line of the sheet. Once you confirm the clamp is secure, apply pressure to the piece of sheet that is hanging off of the table until it breaks off. If the cut was deep enough into the sheet, there will be a clean edge.

- Safety first: Always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from shattered acrylic pieces. Please cut acrylic in a well-ventilated area.

*For better coverage, consider CLAWGUARD® Protection Tape to accompany your Window Sill Protector.

*For more information or wholesale considerations, contact us at info@clawguard.com

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