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CLAWGUARD launches Universal Scratch Shields

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CLAWGUARD launches Universal Scratch Shields

CHARLOTTE, NC — CLAWGUARD, a company that makes products to protect homes from pet damage, recently launched a new product to help pet owners maintain the beauty of their homes.

The announcement comes in response to the recent increase in pet adoptions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in the potential for damage around the home. Knowing this expensive damage is one of the leading reasons families return their pets to shelters and rescues, CLAWGUARD did what it does best: create an affordable solution to foster better relationships between families and their pets. This time, it’s through CLAWGUARD Universal Scratch Shields.

CLAWGUARD Universal Scratch Shields solve the same problem around common areas of the home, including doors, walls and hallways. Universal Scratch Shields also present a unique training opportunity for pet owners: By installing a barrier between pets and their favorite wall to claw, pets are less likely to repeat their actions. The Universal Scratch Shields are shatterproof and offer durable protection wherever they are installed.

CLAWGUARD Universal Scratch Shields, manufactured in the United States, are made from high-quality, recyclable plastic that is crystal clear to match any area of the home. Additionally, the product requires no hardware, making it easy to install and remove as owners see fit.

“Our Universal Scratch Shields add to our overarching belief that pets make a family whole, and they allow us to further our mission to keep families together,” CLAWGUARD Founder and CEO Kevin Dixon said in a statement. “We will ensure this mission is continued as we grow and develop more exciting products in the future, and we look forward to our customers’ ongoing feedback and suggestions.”

CLAWGUARD Universal Scratch Shields are available to order at

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