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Protection Tape Roll With Dispenser - Shield From Scratching


Our Clawguard Protection Tape is a single-sided, transparent adhesive offering reliable protection against the scratching of window sills, sofas, weather stripping, baseboards, mattresses, carpets and other exposed areas in the home. Rigorously tested for security and safety, each roll contains 4 in x 10ft of tape packaged in a dispenser.

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Why Choose Us ?

By protecting your home with Clawguard, pet parents can focus more on training and less on damage.


If your Clawguard isn’t perfect, return them within 30 days for a full refund.


Free shipping for orders over $110
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    Our Protection Tape Keeps Your Home Beautiful

    Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits and other pets can cause unsightly scratch marks, other damage and lost deposits. Luckily, our protection tape is a cost-effective solution to that which can easily mushroom into costly repairs and furniture replacements. Home owners can rest assured that via this tape the vulnerable surfaces in their residences will be protected from sharp nails, slobber, scratching and clawing.

    Easily Install In Mere Seconds

    No hardware is required. This tape is early installed by simply removing the protective liner from one side of the tape and applying it as desired to the desired area. Gently press out any bubbles that may be present to ensure a transparent and smooth finish. Each roll has 4in x 10ft of protection.

    Durably Strong and Crystal Clear

    Designed with quality to protect against sharp nails from scratching, clawing and  damage caused by the biggest (and smallest) pets. This powerful, practical blend of superior quality plastic and customized adhesive fully protects surfaces against scratching and clawing damage inflicted by our beloved pets. There is never any sticky residue, and this tape will fit seamlessly into any home décor.

    Safe Recyclable and Environmentally-Friendly

    Composed of materials that are beneficial to the environment, our Protection Tape helps to ensure a green legacy for future generations. It is guaranteed to always keep your pet’s paws safe from irritation, infection or injury. Wipe clean with a damp cloth to maintain a clean and fresh appearance.

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