How Do I Get Pet Damage Insurance?

How Do I Get Pet Damage Insurance?

Feb 5, 2019

At CLAWGUARD, we have discovered that homeowners insurance and renters insurance will not cover pet home damage! You may wonder, though, “How do I get pet damage insurance?” The sad fact is, you can’t buy insurance that will reimburse you for dog or cat damage to your home or apartment.

Homeowners Insurance and Pet Damage

Homeowners and renters insurance typically covers damage that is “sudden and unexpected.” If your dog or cat is scratching the door, digging at the walls, chewing on the window sills or destroying the furniture, you are the one responsible for having those items repaired. If you’re a renter and you don’t repair dog or cat damage, it’s a good bet your landlord will keep your security deposit.  

What is a responsible pet owner supposed to do to protect their home from dog or cat damage? We have a few ideas, and they involve being proactive and preventing damage before it’s caused.


How Do I Get Pet Damage Insurance?

Door protector dog safety. Consider this: If your dog is scratching at the door he runs the risk of getting splinters in his delicate paw pads.

If you’re not home and this happens he runs the risk of an infection and will be in pain all day and this may lead to your having to go to an emergency vet appointment and you know how costly those are! Putting up a CLAWGUARD door protector not only stops the damage to your door, but it protects your dog from injury.

Cat scratching furniture. We’ve written before about how “cats gotta scratch!” Cats scratching is a natural instinct. You can redirect their scratching behavior by offering a variety of scratching post materials in both vertical and horizontal styles.

To “train” your cat to stop scratching the furniture, redirect her attention by placing the scratching post next to the furniture or carpeting or wall she is scratching. Don’t punish your cat for scratching; cats don’t understand punishment and you may cause other unwanted behaviors (like litterbox avoidance).

Instead, reward her for using the scratching post and keep moving it to items she’s scratching and redirect her attention from that to the scratching post. Until your cat understands she should be scratching the post and not your furniture, using the CLAWGUARD furniture shield will protect your sofas and chairs.

Protect Your Window Sills From Pet Scratching

We know that some dogs just love to lie on the back of the couch and bark at squirrels in the yard or neighbors walking by. When they do this, though, chances are they are scratching the window sills with their claws.

Some dogs will even gnaw at the wood of the window sills and window ledges if they are anxious because they are home alone. Protect your dog from getting slivers in her mouth or in her paws and protect your home by using our Protective Tape.

While it’s difficult, if not impossible, to buy pet damage insurance from your homeowners or renters insurance agent, we offer proactive protection for your home and your beloved pets.

CLAWGUARD builds shields that help protect homes from dog damage and cat damages. Products include door shields, couch guards, and universal protective tape that protects commonly scratched areas like window sills, furniture, banisters, weatherstripping and more.  Check us out on Amazon and read our many FIVE STAR reviews!

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