Be A Good Pet Guest

How To Be A Good Pet Guest Throughout The Holidays

Dec 18, 2018 · cats holiday travel · dog · dog anxiety · dogs

‘Tis the season… to travel to the homes of friends and family. If you travel, what will you do with your dog and cat? Will they make the trek with you? Will they stay in a hotel room, BnB or at the homes of your friends and family? If so, will your dog and cat be welcome?

We know that many pet parents are indulgent when it comes to their dogs and cats; we don’t call them our “fur babies” for nothing, right? It is easy to see why we might turn a blind eye to bad behavior your dog or cat might have. Why? You’re accustomed to his or her barking or to your cat scratching the couch.

The place you’re traveling to for the holidays may not be equipped with a CLAWGUARD shield or furniture tape to protect the door and furniture. If that’s the case, then your beloved pets could be causing costly damage and you just might not be welcomed back next year.

What’s a pet parent to do?

Tips to be a good pet guest this holiday season

Make certain it’s all right to bring Fido and Fluffy. Don’t assume that your hosts will welcome your pet with open arms. Their pets may not get along with your pets, or other pets in their home in general. Ask first before you show up with your pets.

Just because your hosts have pets doesn’t mean they want to open their arms and home to your pets. If the pets have never met, there could be fighting, litter box avoidance and other issues that will simply put a damper on the holiday get-together. Ask your host if you can bring your dog and cat, if they say “no” be gracious and make other arrangements.

Travel with your pets often. Before you drive to a friend, family member or hotel for a holiday, travel with your pet and get him accustomed to staying in a place other than his home. If you’re taking your dog for his first trip and if he is easily stressed, being in a new location could definitely lead to him scratching or chewing or clawing the doors or furniture.

The same goes for traveling with your cats. We know cats aren’t always ideal travelers, but if you take them on an overnight and they get accustomed to the new placement of the litter box and if you bring her favorite scratching post, your cat might be a great pet guest.

Take your dog and cat’s favorite items from home. If your dog has a favorite blanket or bed or your cat has a favorite scratching post, make room in your vehicle to bring them with you. Scents from home will help calm an anxious pet.

Remember, “cats gotta scratch” it’s in their nature. If they are trained to only scratch a specific post or scratch pad at home, you are best served to bring that with you so your cat doesn’t scratch furniture that is off limits.

Follow house rules. If pets are not allowed on the furniture at your host’s house, then your pets are not allowed on the furniture. If your guests have a designated area for the dog to do his business outside and they pick up the waste, you need to do that as well. If your hosts ask you to keep the cat off the bed, respect that.

Clean up after your pets: If they track in water or mud, wipe it up. Bring a lint brush and swipe up the cat and dog fur from the furniture. It is incumbent upon you to help your dog and cat be the best house guests they can be.

Also, don’t forget to bring your CLAWGUARD products to protect the door and furniture. Our products are easy to install, easy to travel with and amp up your “best pet guest” ratings!

CLAWGUARD builds shields that help protect homes from damage caused by dogs and cats. Products include door shields, couch guards, and universal protective tape that protects commonly scratched areas like window sills, furniture, banisters, weatherstripping and more.  Check us out on Amazon and read our many FIVE STAR reviews!

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