Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Jun 28, 2019 · anxious dog · fireworks · fireworks safety · lost dog · scared dog

July 4th is fast approaching and many pet parents are worried!

Why? Because fireworks displays cause many dogs anxiety and stress as a result of the loud booms, squealing noises and the bright lights. 

Pet parents who have dogs are terrified of fireworks displays and even thunder and lightning storms because they often find their dogs cowering under the bed, barking and whining or clawing at the door to try to get away from the noise. 

7 Tips To Help Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

If you want to have a calmer dog during this year’s July 4th fireworks displays, we have a few suggestions: 

  1. Don’t take your dog with you to watch fireworks. Some pet parents feel their dogs will be happier and safer with them than home alone during fireworks, but this just isn’t usually the case. In addition to being right in the midst of all of the noise, your dog will also be jostled by strangers who are watching the fireworks. 
  2. Find someone to stay with your dog. If you want to watch the fireworks displays, find someone who can stay with your dog so he isn’t home alone. Many families vacation during the Fourth of July holiday and that means your dog is not only hearing fireworks, but she is in an unfamiliar location. Don’t leave her home alone. Plan in advance for a pet sitter to come or a family member to stay behind with your dog. 
  3. Find a quiet space. If you’re staying home with your dog, find a quiet space, away from the fireworks to ride out the sounds. Gather your pup and go into a room and watch television with him. Turn on a radio to help drown out the sounds of the fireworks. Pull the curtains closed and close the windows to keep the sounds to a minimum. 
  4. Let your dog go into her crate if that is a comfort. Put the crate in a darkened corner of the room, turn on the television or the radio for background noise and let your dog take comfort from her crate. 
  5. Protect your home or vacation home you’re in. If your dog’s anxiety manifests itself through scratching the doors, take your Clawguard Door Shield on vacation with you. The door shield is light, travels easily and can protect the door of your vacation home without using any hardware. 
  6. Protect your dog by keeping him away from any open doors. Keep his collar and identification tags on. July 5 is the busiest day for shelters and rescues because of all of the dogs who bolt into the night during the fireworks. Don’t let your dog become a runaway statistic because of the fireworks. 
  7. If your dog is overly anxious or stressed out whenever she hears loud noises like fireworks or lightning, ask your veterinarian for advice on ways you can help her to relax. Your vet may recommend a Thundershirt, a calming collar or other herbal or medicinal remedies to help alleviate her anxiety. 

Enjoy the Fourth of July holidays with your family and with your pets! Are your dogs frightened of fireworks or thunderstorms?

What remedies have you found to help them relax? We’d love to know! 

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