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How to Protect Your Home from Pet Damage

By :Kelsey Ruocco 0 comments
How to Protect Your Home from Pet Damage

Our dogs have a deep affection for us, and unfortunately, sometimes that affection can cause them to become uneasy when we are apart from them. And, of course, our cats have a fondness for scratching. Every time we leave the house, we don't want to have to be concerned about our walls and doors being damaged.

CLAWGUARD protection products come in handy in this situation. Whether your pet has been wreaking havoc in your home or you simply want to ensure that they don't, CLAWGUARD has you covered with multiple options to choose from.

What’s Special About CLAWGUARD’s Shields?

With its rigid plastic construction, our products cover your door and protect the surrounding wall, frame, and door itself. Or, you can simply use it on a particular wall if your pet has an affinity for it (or you think they will).

Learn more about our types of Shields below.

CLAWGUARD Original Door Shield

The CLAWGUARD Original Door Shield is designed for door and frame protection. Simply place your shield over the doorknob and you're done! Installing and removing the equipment is simple thanks to the patent-pending design. The shields measure 18" x 43" and are constructed of high-quality material. It's the most efficient, and the safest way to cover the inside or outside of your door.

A doorknob or handle is all that is required for installation, and it will fit any standard door. The guard fits snug over the door handle, ensuring that it remains in place. There's no hardware so you don't have to worry about leaving screws in the wall or leaving more damage than what was already there when you take the guard off.

CLAWGUARD Heavy-Duty Door Shield

For dogs who are more on the rough side, there is a heavy-duty option that is two times stronger than the original. This shield works the same as the CLAWGUARD Original Door Shield but is designed for dogs who pack more of a punch when they’re scratching at the door. It's also a bit larger measuring 20'' x 44'' to ensure protection.

Just like the OG Door Shield, all you need is a doorknob or handle to install.

CLAWGUARD Universal Scratch Shield

CLAWGUARD’s Universal Scratch Shield offers a barrier anywhere it is needed. The scratch shield is a clear poly-shield barrier that is high quality and durable. The shield prevents pets from scratching and clawing on walls, doors, and screen doors, among other items in your home.

Attach your shield where it will be most useful by using the double-sided tape fasteners that come with it. It was designed to complement any décor and maintain the aesthetics of your living space. By constructing a long-lasting barrier, you can keep your home safe while also ensuring your pet's safety.

Take a look at each shield individually to choose what works best for you and your pet. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to a member of our team today!

Written by Amber Drake

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